UPass Synthetic Urine Review: Does this Fake Pee Work?

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If you want to make sure that you pass a drug test, it’s important that you have a reliable substitute that can pass for the real thing. So, is using UPass the answer to your drug test stress, or are you better off buying something else?

Learn more about this fake pee product by reading our comprehensive UPass Synthetic Urine review. We’ll clue you in on how its ingredients work, and how to use UPass correctly!

What Is UPass Synthetic Urine?

UPass Synthetic Urine, also sold as UPass 8.4,  is a commercially available fake urine that people can prepare at home. It has a shelf life of two years and doesn’t need to be frozen for proper storage. While it markets itself as a fetish urine, UPass is more often used as fake pee for a drug test sample. With an average cost of $28 to $30, UPass is a lot cheaper than other urine drug test substitutes on the market.

UPass Synthetic Urine has creatinine, a typical waste product from your body, which is excreted by peeing. The creatinine levels in your pee shouldn’t fall below the average of 15 mg for every kilogram of your body weight. Otherwise, it indicates an overly dilute sample, and will result in a failed drug test.

It also has over a dozen chemical markers that are found in traces in pee, and a pH range of 6 to 7 which mimics that of human urine. It has a slightly yellowish tinge, but doesn’t have a particularly strong odor that you would typically smell in a real pee sample.

UPass even claims to have the specific gravity of human urine. Ideally, a substitute should have a specific gravity between 1.002 and 1.03 to indicate that it’s real pee from a healthy person. A low specific gravity means that the sample will be too dilute to pass a drug screening, so a good fake pee manufacturer will make sure that each sample meets this standard.

What Do You Get Inside a UPass Synthetic Urine Kit?

upass synthetic urine box and bottleWhen you buy a UPass Synthetic Urine kit, check its contents to make sure it is complete. Every kit will include the following items:

  • 3 oz of UPass synthetic urine
  • A set of UPass Synthetic Urine instructions on how to mix the urine substitute and heat it properly
  • A temperature strip to check if it’s warm enough to pass a urine drug test
  • A special heat-retaining bottle that should help keep the fake urine warm as soon as it’s out of the microwave
  • One heating pad to keep the UPass urine warm
  • A rubber band to keep the heating pad secure against the fake urine storage bottle

Where Can I Buy UPass Synthetic Urine?

Currently, UPass Synthetic Urine is available directly from the manufacturer or on Amazon. To be sure that you’re getting an authentic product, don’t take chances with unaccredited resellers. It’s not a good idea to just search for “UPass synthetic urine near me” online and go to the nearest provider. A dishonest seller might try to pass off fake, damaged or expired kits to unwary buyers, so don’t take any chances – buy way ahead of your test, and buy straight from the source!

How Do You Use a UPass Synthetic Urine Kit?

Not sure how to use UPass? Make sure you follow all of these preparatory steps very carefully when you whip up a sample. Paying close attention to every detail will be key to getting the perfect mix that will help you pass your drug tests.

Step 1

Place the container full of UPass urine in the microwave. Carefully heat up the UPass synthetic urine in the microwave for approximately 10 seconds.

Step 2

Take out the temperature strip from the kit to check if the UPass urine is at the correct temperature. If it’s within the temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit – the average for a human urine sample –then it’s good to go. Take the temperature strip out, attach the heat pad to the bottle with the rubber band, then head to the lab to prep a drug test sample.

Step 3

Once you’re at the lab for your test, do one last check of your UPass urine’s temperature. A solid tip given by a successful user review is to bring a small flask of hot water, so you can pour a small amount on top of your UPass urine to heat it up if it’s cooled down too much. When you’re sure it’s at the right temp, give it a final gentle shake in the container to make it a bit foamy, then pour it into the collection cup and submit your sample.

Wait for your results – with any luck, they’ll come out completely clean!

UPass Synthetic Urine: Is It Good Enough To Pass A Drug Test?

After mixing up my own batch of UPass Synthetic Urine, I was already experiencing some mixed feelings. Spending less than $30 for a kit that could pass a urine drug test sounded too good to be true, so I bought several home drug tests to see how this budget buy would cut it. Sure enough, my samples managed to pass three tests, but failed two. I chalked this up to the lack of uric acid in the formula, or temperature variances from improper heating before I tested it.

Another thing that I noticed was that when I mixed it up, it didn’t really foam up the way that real human urine should. Trying to shake it up in the bottle was a bit of a coin toss, since I sometimes ran the risk of making it too foamy. When it comes to a visual test, UPass doesn’t get a high review from me.

So…does UPass Synthetic Urine work?

Sometimes. UPass Synthetic Urine may pass some basic drug tests, so it’s good if you’re in a pinch and if you don’t have too many options. It’s been around for several years and has been used by several users without a hitch, but the lack of uric acid may mean that it won’t pass muster with more updated, thorough drug tests.

If you’re in a rush and are willing to take a chance, UPass Urine may just save your bacon, but that’s a massive risk for people to take with employment chances. At the end of the day you’re far better off with a reliable product like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, or Sub-Solution Premixed Urine.

FAQs About UPass Synthetic Urine

1. Can I reheat my cooled UPass Synthetic Urine for use later on?

Nope. This is actually a really bad idea that will probably result in failing your drug test. This is because every time you reheat your UPass urine, a small amount of water evaporates. This changes the concentration of urea that can be found in your sample, and could tip off the lab technician that you’re trying to pass off some fake urine kit.

While you can reheat your UPass sample the first time after you check with the temperature strip, avoid doing this too often.

2. Can I freeze my UPass Synthetic Urine?

Yes, but you should avoid freezing and defrosting it more than once. This could affect the chemical composition of your UPass pee, and will make it much less reliable during a test.

3. Does UPass look and smell like real human urine?

This is debatable. Some users argue that the slight odor of UPass does smell a bit like real pee, but many others point out that while there’s definitely a smell, it’s not one associated with real human urine. It has the pale yellow tinge of pee, but you’ll have to agitate the mixture a little bit with some stirring or shaking to get the realistic foam that would come out with a fresh pee sample.

4. Does UPass Synthetic Urine ever expire?

Yes, it does. Check the manufacturing date that’s indicated on the box. While it claims to have a shelf life of two years, it’s better to use one that’s no older than a year,  so you can be sure that the chemicals and creatinine inside it haven’t degraded and can pass a lab test.

A Better Alternative: Clear Choice Sub-Solution

It’s been a while since UPass’ formula was last updated, so it’s understandable why my review doesn’t rate it highly as Clear Choice Sub-Solution. Clear Choice doesn’t need a heating pad to warm up – you just need to mix in the heat activator powder to bring up the temp, so you can prepare it during the very test time itself! There’s no need to worry about temperature variance from heating it up in the microwave either.

Apart from urea and over a dozen chemical markers that you normally find in human urine, it also contains uric acid. This is a key element to make it appear as real as possible to drug tests, and one that’s sadly absent from UPass Synthetic Urine. It foams up properly, and it even smells a little bit like real pee! So it should come as no surprise that if you want a more reliable result, Clear Choice Sub-Solution will help even hard-smoking people pass the eagle eye of a well-trained lab technician.

I’ve used Clear Choice myself several times, and even though I roll up and smoke on the regular, it’s always pulled me through regular drug testing. I thought UPass would be better bang for my buck, but it turns out Clear Choice is still the best option.