Macujo Method Review: A No BS Guide to Passing a Hair Strand Test

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Trying to pass a hair follicle drug test is a HUGE inconvenience! It takes a ton of preparation, time, and money just to get clean results. Not to mention, finding the best method can only add more stress to the situation.

The Macujo Method is one of the most highly recommended techniques out there thanks to its 95% success rate! But are all the products it suggests really essential in passing a hair drug test? Keep reading for my complete review on The Macujo Method to learn more!

What Is The Macujo Method?

The Macujo Method is one of the most popular methods for removing toxins from your hair follicles. It’s an intense hair cleaning procedure that uses products like vinegar and detergent to strip traces of THC metabolites on your hair and scalp.

Does The Macujo Method Work for All Drug Toxins?

Unfortunately, no. Based on what I’ve read online on forums and articles, The Macujo Method is ONLY effective in removing THC metabolites – all other drugs are outside the question. It’s also worth mentioning that it can only get rid of moderate levels of THC so if you use marijuana very heavily, then this method might not work for you.

How Hard Is to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

It’s pretty freakin’ difficult to pass a hair follicle drug test like this one BUT with the right method and enough time, it’s not impossible!

Macujo Method Success Rate

Just so you know what you’re working with here, The Macujo Method is said to work 95% of the time! That’s right. NINETY FIVE PERCENT. That’s a higher success rate than most marriages last in the US! Clearly, this method works but now the question is what makes it work exactly and how do you make sure to fall within the 95% of successes.

Where to Start

A quick stop at your local grocery will be necessary to pick up some of the essential products you’ll be using. You’ll also need to order the shampoos online, so make sure to get to it as soon as possible!

  • Shower Cap
  • Goggles (optional but recommended)
  • Gloves (optional but also recommended unless you like the smell of vinegar on your fingers)
  • Tide Liquid Detergent
  • Clean & Clear Pink (Alternative: Shampoo with Salicylic Acid)
  • White Vinegar (Heinz is the popular brand choice for this)
  • Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo
  • Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Macujo Method Instructions

Once you have everything ready, make sure to follow The Macujo Method steps in the proper order to pass that hair drug test with flying colors.

Step 1

Use warm water to wet your hair and apply the vinegar all over your head. You should do this over a sink or in the shower to avoid getting that sour smell everywhere. When you’re done, don’t wash your hair just yet! Keep the vinegar in and proceed with step 2.

Step 2

If you thought the vinegar stung, my god you’re about to feel a hell of a lot more discomfort. Apply a generous amount of Clean & Clear or a Salicylic shampoo of your choice onto the hair and scalp. Take your time to really get in there and massage the product evenly on your hair.

Step 3

Put a shower cap on with the mixture of water, vinegar, and salicylic shampoo/Clean & Clear still on your head. Leave it on for about 30 minutes – this will give it enough time to get into your hair follicles. You’re free to do whatever you want to while waiting, just make sure the shower cap stays on properly.

Step 4

Once your 30 minutes is up, remove the shower cap, wash your hair with warm water, and feel the sweet, sweet joy of no longer smelling like vinegar. Use the Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo and massage it onto your scalp, covering each hair strand from roots to tips. Rinse your hair with water, apply the Old Style shampoo again, and then rinse well.

Step 5

Use a small amount of the Tide liquid detergent and apply it to your hair for a few minutes. Your head should literally feel squeaky clean once you wash this stuff off with water.

Step 6

On the day of your hair drug test, use the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo for your final wash after doing the previous steps. This is a good way to remove any last remaining traces of toxins that might still be on your hair or scalp.

Hair Cleaning Tips

  • This is a no brainer but you’re going to need to stop smoking weed if you want to pass the hair drug test. If you keep reintroducing THC metabolites to your system, there’s no way you can pass.
  • DO NOT GET THE VINEGAR IN YOUR EYES. This shit will sting like crazy if it gets into your eyes so use goggles if you can. You have the option to put on gloves too so your fingertips don’t smell like vinegar after.
  • The first 1.5 inch of your hair from your scalp is what they’ll cut off to get a sample, so focus on cleaning that area.
  • Expect your scalp to feel dry after washing with vinegar, Clean & Clear, and Tide liquid detergent – these are pretty harsh on the skin. The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo will help with moisturizing but you can also add conditioner after the routine.
  • The Macujo Method is known to be effective after several repeated washes, so start as early as you can. Most people who passed washed their hair twice every day a week before their hair drug test but if you only have a few days, wash your hair 3-4 times so that the method works.

Why Shaving All Your Hair Just Won’t Cut It

One of the reasons why I wouldn’t recommend shaving everything is that it raises suspicion and your company might fail you on principle. Plus, if you only shave your head, they could easily grab a hair sample from your body and you’d be screwed, basically.

Why Dyeing Your Hair Won’t Work Either

One more popular method of passing a hair follicle test is by bleaching, dyeing, and redyeing your hair. The idea is to damage your hair so badly that they won’t be able to use it as a way to test for drug metabolites since they’ll be too hard to detect.

This method doesn’t have a known success rate and people who have never dyed their hair in the past don’t have a good chance at passing the test. While it seems like an easy solution, I can’t say that it’s actually effective based on what I’ve read and heard about it.

Pros & Cons of The Macujo Method

Overall, I liked The Macujo Method but there were several things I found problematic about it.


  • Has a 95% success rate
  • You won’t need to permanently damage your hair with dye or bleach
  • Quicker results compared to other methods
  • Products are easy to find


  • Vinegar and Clean & Clear can cause skin irritation or chemical burns to the scalp
  • If your scalp becomes irritated, you can’t continue the process and it might be harder to find an alternative method
  • You still risk damaging your hair from using detergent for days to a week
  • Macujo method doesn’t work for people who are heavily exposed to marijuana


Does The Macujo Method Ruin Your Hair?

While The Macujo Method won’t permanently damage your hair, it’ll definitely dry it out and potentially irritate your scalp. If you have curly hair, expect it to become very, very frizzy even after just one wash with this method.

Why Use The Macujo Method With Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that The Macujo Method wouldn’t work without Zydot Ultra Clean, but adding this product is one of the most effective ways to giving yourself a good final clean before your test. Drug metabolites can be tough to get rid of, so having Zydot Ultra Clean as the last line of defense is something I suggest you invest in!

Is This the Best Method Out There?

I’d say the Macujo Method is no doubt one of the most effective ways to pass a hair follicle drug test but it comes at a price – both from your bank account and the condition of your scalp afterward.

Final Thoughts

The Macujo Method is a really great way to get rid of toxins but it felt like the other products weren’t necessary in making it effective. After doing a little more research, I found out that the main product that makes it work is actually the Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo.

At first, I was skeptical so I bought a home testing kit to see if I would pass while ONLY having washed with the Old Style and Zydot Ultra Clean shampoos for about a week and… it worked! So if you can’t do the entire Macujo Method or you’d rather save some money (or your scalp from burning), then purchase these two bad boys instead – trust me, you won’t regret it.

If you want to learn more about these two products and find out how they compare to the other big names on the market then check out our in-depth buyer’s guide on the best hair follicle detox shampoos.