PreScreen Plus Mini Review: Home Drug Testing Hit Or Miss?

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Facing a drug test can be quite stressful and panic-inducing. Luckily, there are home drug test kits readily available to help you prepare. But just how accurate are they?

I’ve tried a few of these kits over the years and I can tell you that the quality can vary wildly. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a controversial drug test kit that has its share of mixed reviews – the PreScreen Plus Mini!

Home Drug Test Kits And How They Work

PreScreen Mini test kitA home drug test kit tests for and detects the presence of drugs. These kits commonly come in the form of urine tests, although some brands offer hair follicle tests, too.

These drug test kits are a lot like those home pregnancy tests you can find at your local drugstore. They’re generally easy to source, and the directions for use are pretty straightforward – you collect your urine (most brands come with a cup), dip a testing stick into the sample, and wait for the result to come out.

Why Should I Use a Home Drug Test Kit?

Home drug test kits are extremely convenient for regular drug users to have on hand. These tests are typically used for one of two reasons: making sure that the synthetic urine you bought will work and monitoring your detox progress.

Testing A Synthetic Urine Product

Fake urine is a great solution to a drug test, especially if you’re on a tight timeline. Unfortunately, the quality of synthetic urine isn’t consistent across the board – some brands are MUCH better than others. You wouldn’t guess it, but using a test kit on a synthetic urine sample can actually give you an indication of its quality.

If your product is subpar, the test will actually come up as positive, since anything that doesn’t register as human urine fails the test immediately. However, if your synthetic urine is good, then the home kit will register negative, and you’ll know that you have a good product.

Checking the Effectiveness of Your Detox Method

There are multiple detoxing methods, but different people respond differently to different methods. Again, the home drug test kit will come to the rescue by letting you check for traces of drugs in your system and monitor how well your body is responding to the detox program.

Buyer’s Guide

Before we proceed, I think I should first address the obvious question: what should you be looking for in a home drug test kit? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing the right product for you.

Range Of Covered Substances

Different brands offer a wide array of drug panels. Some have test kits for as many as 10 to 12 different drug groups while others provide specialized tests for individual substances.

The product you should buy will depend on which substances you’ve been taking. If you’re on several substances or any drug that you suspect may have been mixed with other substances, you might feel more secure with a larger drug panel to cover all bases. Otherwise, a test for a single substance might be enough for you.

Product Shelf Life

Using an expired home drug test kit is as good as going into your real drug test blind! In choosing which kit to buy, make sure to double-check its expiration date first.

This is particularly crucial when buying a drug test kit in a larger quantity than you need at the moment. Figure out whether the savings you get for stocking up and buying in bulk would be rendered useless by the kit’s short shelf life – if that’s the case, you might be better off getting a smaller quantity and only as needed.

Quality And Level of Accuracy

The most important thing to look for in a home drug test kit is accuracy. A home drug test kit is meant to help you prepare for a potentially high-stakes drug test. It’s supposed to give you a sense of security in the preparation you’ve undertaken to make sure you pass the test that matters.

Look for marks of accreditation and approval by the relevant regulators! The drug test kit can only serve its purpose of helping you pass your real drug test if it has met the highest standards of quality imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulators.

Availability And Ease Of Sourcing

Any product, no matter how great its features, is nothing if it isn’t readily available to its target users. This factor may be considered minor in comparison to the product’s quality, sure, but it still matters. If a home drug test is difficult to get a hold of when you need it as soon as possible, you certainly wouldn’t waste your precious time just trying to hunt it down.

My PreScreen Plus Mini Experience

PreScreen Plus Mini is a relative newcomer in the home drug test kit scene. Its parent company is The Drug Test Company, a well-known provider of drug testing products for many businesses and employers. But did the parent company’s expertise and popularity rub off on this new product?

The Good

PreScreen Plus Mini has created quite a buzz despite being new to the market. This popularity can be attributed to two reasons: the kit’s substance range and its parent company’s credibility and brand recall.

Can Detect 12 Different Substances

PreScreen Plus Mini’s main selling point is its 12-panel coverage. What this means is that one drug test kit can be used to detect twelve different drug groups, namely:

  • Amphetamine
  • Barbiturate
  • Benzodiazepine
  • Buprenorphine
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Ketamine
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opiate
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • Tricyclic antidepressant

The kit also comes with a whopping 25 testing strips, so you’re pretty much covered for testing for multiple substances for as long as the testing kit hasn’t expired.

Produced by a Well-Known Drug Testing Company

PreScreen Plus Mini also enjoys the security net provided by its highly reputable parent company. User reviews generally cite confidence in the high standards maintained by its parent company.

The Bad

Not Widely Available

At the moment, PreScreen Plus Mini is quite difficult to source. Unlike other brands, it’s not available yet in drugstores. Authorized online distribution is also currently limited to one website. Someone in a bit of a rush wouldn’t be able to simply grab PreScreen Plus Mini off of the shelves – heck, he might not even consider it an option.

User Might Not Need The Big Batch

At first glance, a home drug test kit that contains a big batch of strips can be taken as a good bargain and entice people to buy. However, it can also be a reason not to buy the product, depending on your need for that large quantity of testing strips.

Unless your school or employer is obsessed with testing you for drugs over and over, you might find no use for 25 testing strips within the kit’s shelf life of 18 months. The strips would likely go to waste, and you are probably better off picking up another brand.

Results are Inconsistent

Sadly, PreScreen Plus Mini fell short of the high expectations that I initially had for it. For some individuals, results have been said to vary between two or more test kits used at the same time.

Other users also reported getting inaccurate results from the multi-panel drug test kit – preliminary testing with the home drug test kit yielded results entirely different from the actual lab test.

It seems like the new kid on the block has a long way to go. At this point, PreScreen Plus Mini might cause you greater uncertainty rather than peace of mind.

The Preferred Alternative

If you want something reliable, our organization recommends ITG Labs.

ITG Labs specializes in several fields such as toxicology and pharmacology. It also backs its products with years of scientific research and clinical trials and develops them in close partnership with the Pharmacology Department of the University of Washington.

ITG Labs is known for providing highly accurate drug tests for individual substances, but it also offers 5-panel and 10-panel multi-drug test kits that are just as precise and reliable. If you want to learn more about ITG Labs and their other products, check out our detailed guide on leading at home drug test kits here.


Accuracy and certainty are the most important factors to consider in choosing the best home drug test kit. Anything below standard could cost you your job or your freedom, so there’s very little room for error.