P Sure Synthetic Urine Review: Will It Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering
Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering

Over 15 years of experience dodging drug tests.

Emergency detoxing won’t always guarantee negative test results! If you’re a heavy smoker, synthetic urine should be your first choice to pass a drug test.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at one of the most controversial synthetic urines on the market – here’s an in-depth look at P Sure Synthetic Urine.

p-sure synthetic urine box

P Sure Ingredients List

This product contains a mix of chemical contents and proteins that occur naturally in urine. Some of these include:

  • Sodium chloride
  • Albumin powder
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Preservatives

It’s important to note that most P Sure bottles lack two essential ingredients: urea and uric acid.

Since these elements can indicate the protein levels in your body, the absence of both is a dead giveaway of synthetic samples and an immediate red flag for the lab technicians. If the technician notices a lack of urea and uric acid, they’re going to reject your sample immediately.

Thankfully, as of February 2020, the manufacturers are now reproducing P Sure to include urea and uric acid. While it’s great that the company is trying to update their formula, urea and uric acid are really important ingredients, and they should h

What’s In A Package Of P Sure?

P Sure arrives at your doorstep in a nondescript package. Targeted towards employees looking for a quick solution, this product is pre-mixed, which removes the extra step of having to dissolve any type of powder in warm water. 

At first glance, it boasts an authentic, moderate yellow color that is definitely reminiscent of human pee. It even has a strong scent identical to real urine so physically, there’s not much that is suspicious about it.

Aside from the bottle, your box also comes with one hand warmer and one temperature reading strip to manage your solution’s warmth and test its reliability. Here’s a quick rundown on how to prepare P Sure for submission.

How To Use P Sure

  1. Warm up the solution in the microwave for a few minutes. For maximum effectivity, it is recommended to do this 6 hours prior to your urine test.
  2. After microwaving the urine, ensure that it lies within 98 F – 102 F, which is the normal temperature for human pee. 
  3. To keep its temperature consistent, carry the bottle in your pocket next to the hand warmer.
  4. That’s it – after stepping in for testing, you’re ready to hand the product over to a lab tech.

If your test gets postponed, it may be important to note that P Sure is reusable when properly stored in a cool and dry environment. You can even choose to chill it, but you won’t want to store it in the fridge. 

However, bear in mind that reheating it more than a couple of times tends to diminish its chemical structure as well as cause water to evaporate. With that said, keeping an old bottle for future urine tests may not be your most viable option.

Will P Sure Help Me Pass My Drug Test?

Despite its claims of guaranteed success, P Sure does not work 100% of the time. You’ll definitely be taking a gamble purchasing a product that may or may not contain urea and uric acid. Testing labs are always making their best efforts to keep up and can easily tell most synthetic urine from real urine through gas chromatography.

This is a test that separates and identifies compounds in a mixture and determines their purity. Considering the way labs are cracking down on artificial products and the fact that P Sure contains several harsher chemicals, it isn’t very likely to help you pass a drug exam.

On another note, its inaccurate temperature strip can all too easily cause you to fail your urine test.

According to other online reviews, the strip has indicated up to 8 degrees off an actual, precise reading and is too sensitive to other environmental factors. The product itself also tends to drop in temperature fairly quickly, so you’ll need to think up a clever way of storing it in order to retain its heat. 

That said, you might consider ditching the strip altogether and using a digital thermometer instead, but take note that the majority of facilities check for such items before drug tests.

Where To Purchase P Sure

If urine tests in your area don’t process urea and uric acid, you can purchase P Sure for a relatively affordable price online.

Notwithstanding, another red flag you’ll want to spot in regards to P Sure is its lack of traceability online and how often you encounter imitation products. Because of its less-than-renowned reputation, counterfeiters are showing up all over the market with fake versions of this product.


  • It’s a fast-acting solution for heavy smokers without ample time to detox.
  • It’s extremely simple to prepare and doesn’t require other sophisticated accessories to activate. No need for mixing – just heat it up in the microwave.
  • It’s relatively easy to hide when arriving at your drug testing facility.
  • It looks and smells just as real urine would, which leaves less room for suspicion.


  • Despite being re-manufactured, not all bottles contain urea and uric acid, which are vital ingredients for passing a urine authenticity test.
  • It’s extremely difficult to trace online. Many users have encountered fakes, which makes sourcing this product not worth your time.
  • The product itself undergoes temperature changes way too quickly, making it very tricky to keep at a particular level, even with the hand warmer it comes with.
  • The temperature reading strip is highly inaccurate, making it near impossible to maintain at a certain heat.
  • It contains a fair amount of synthetic chemicals and preservatives, which tend to show up easily in laboratory results.

Is P Sure Worth The Purchase?

To conclude, I definitely wouldn’t recommend P Sure for passing drug tests, especially if your local testing facility checks for urea and uric acid levels. Don’t be fooled by its attractive price tag  – you could be spending for a far more reliable product like Clear Choice Sub-Solution.

Not only does it provide flexibility with its heat activator powder – it’s one of few brands of synthetic urine products that annually update its formula in order to guarantee your desired results every time.

The best thing about Sub-Solution is the fact that it does not contain biocide. Most other brands, including P Sure Synthetic Urine, manufacture their products with biocide, which is a preservative that labs are beginning to test for. With Sub-Solution, that’s one less hurdle you’ll have to jump. 

Due to its complex formula, Sub-Solution might set you back a little more than most products. However, a negative result and job still in your pocket can more than account for what you spend.

As a nifty reminder, when it comes to shopping for synthetic urine, you’ll want to cover all bases:

  1. Does it contain both urea and uric acid? What other ingredients does this product contain?
  2. Does it link up to an official website, or is it sold on verified stores? Have there been reports of fakes being sold online?
  3. Does it come with accessories that are useful and accurate? Otherwise, do I need to outsource these accessories?
  4. Is it reputable online?

Always keep this criterion in mind when you’re on the hunt for any type of artificial solution. As with all fake pee products, I recommend purchasing at least 2 orders to test a brand beforehand.


How do I keep P Sure at the right temperature?

You’ll have to carry it on your person, preferably against your skin in order to maintain a temperature similar to that of your body heat. Try stuffing the bottle in your bra or briefs. Also, keep in mind that the reading strip must not be touching the hand warmer in order to give an accurate indication. To get an accurate temperature reading, use a digital thermometer.

How long before my drug test should I heat up a bottle of P Sure?

It’s recommended to heat your solution for a few minutes, roughly 6 hours before your drug test. You can choose to start 8 hours prior at a lower heat, but I wouldn’t cut too close to anywhere below 4 hours, as the product will stay too hot. 

As with any synthetic urine product, I’d definitely recommend doing this at home as opposed to your office pantry. After all, extra caution is key and you won’t want to get caught heating up something that isn’t your lunch.

Is P Sure the best synthetic urine for drug tests?

No, because it lacks ingredients guaranteed to help you pass a urine authenticity test. Clear Choice Sub-Solution is a much better option, as it does not contain preservatives and boasts an excellent passing rate.