Our Team

We believe that no one deserves to lose their job over private drug use – especially if it’s medicinal in nature.

Our team all has a basic knowledge of toxicology and plenty experience trying, testing, and comparing drug screening products. When it comes to dodging drug tests, we probably have the most knowledgeable site on the net.

So if you need a reliable source of information pertaining to drug tests and anti-drug test products, then you’ve come to the right place!

Jordan Barnett

Head Researcher & Editor-In-Chief

Jordan hails from California. He has a masters in biochemical engineering, a keen interest in toxicology, and 5 years of experience in the drug screening sector – talk about knowing your enemy! When it comes to evading drug tests, Jordan is probably one of the most knowledgeable men in the US.

Elliot Wolfe

Writer & Junior Researcher

Elliot is a Denver native with a soft spot for recreational cannabis use. Don’t let his frat-boy look fool you, Elliot is a really clever guy! He’s finished a bachelor of science majoring in toxicology, and he’s currently training to be a pharmacologist. When he’s not overwhelmed with his busy schedule, he writes for us!

Jacob Owens

Writer & Junior Researcher

Jacob is a Californian IT worker. He’s a pretty chill guy who keeps to himself. His hobbies include listening to podcasts, writing novels, and smoking A LOT of weed. His job drug tests him every 6 months like clockwork so he’s basically addicted to these products.

Jamie Welsh


Jamie is a paralegal with a burning passion for all things cannabis. When he’s not filing documents and preparing affidavits, he’s lighting blunts and writing for us! Needless to say, he NEEDS to dodge drug tests to keep his job, so he’s had a ton of experience with these products.