Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review: Can This Fake Pee Save Your Butt?

Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering
Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering

Over 15 years of experience dodging drug tests.

Urine drug tests can be a pain – luckily, there are a few great products that can help you pass. Synthetic urine is one of the more popular options, and rightly so! As long as you’re buying it from the right brand, fake pee can save your bacon!

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing Magnum Detox synthetic urine and we’re going to find out if it lives up to the advertising. Read on to find out if Magnum Detox can beat a DT!

a box of magnum detox synthetic urine

Fake Pee Actually Works?

Yes, it does. Labs produce a substance that’s meant to resemble human urine as closely as possible, from its look and smell down to its chemical makeup.

Fake urine comes in either liquid or powder form. Once it’s prepared, it should have all the stuff you usually find in real urine, like uric acid, urea, and ammonia. Sure, it’s not going to have your DNA, but labs won’t bother testing for that.

Make no mistake, though: not all types of synthetic pee can work for a drug test. Some are used for pranks, others are made for kinky sex, and there are even those that aid in product testing and research. You’ll want to look for products that mimic human urine as closely as possible.

Can Fake Urine Help You Pass A Drug Test?

It’s a resounding YES! But not all of them do.

Before each urine sample is analyzed, it needs to pass a specimen validity testing (SVT). This lets lab technicians know if the sample you’ve submitted is real. During this process, they check for the following:

Creatinine levels – Creatinine is a byproduct that’s naturally created when your muscles break down. Usually, urine contains about 955 to 2936 mg per 24 hours for males and 601 to 1689 mg per 24 hours for females. Samples with levels that fall outside this range are considered suspicious.

Temperature – Human urine leaves the body at 98.6°F. If you’re submitting an artificial sample, it should be heated to this temperature.

Foaming – Human urine contains proteins that bubble up when shaken. The bubbles shouldn’t refract light and create a rainbow, which indicates that the sample has been contaminated with soap.

Odor – Fresh urine is odorless but gradually starts to smell as it decomposes. It should not have an unnatural scent.

pH level – Urine samples should have a pH level of 4.5 to 8.0. Any sample that falls outside this range is automatically considered invalid.

Specific gravity – This measures the density of a liquid against the density of water. It shows the concentration of dissolved particles in the sample. Testing for specific gravity will indicate if water has been used as a substitute for human urine.

Other human urine markers – Human urine contains several biological markers that show that it’s from a person and not from a lab.

Non-organic substances – Some artificial urine brands contain biocides to increase shelf life. This substance is never present in real pee. If the lab finds traces of this substance in your sample, it will be considered invalid.

How To Choose The Right Synthetic Urine Brand

When choosing among artificial urine products, you should look for one with a highly complex formula. It shouldn’t just contain uric acid, urea, ammonia, and creatinine. It should also contain substances usually found in pee so that it can pass validity tests.

Next, when looking for synthetic urine, look for one with a formula that’s updated every year. Urine tests get more and more sophisticated, and it’s important to trust only a manufacturer that stays ahead of the curve.

Temperature is also a huge factor. Most brands will usually just include a heating pad to go with your synthetic urine, which relies a lot on timing. But there are some manufacturers, like Clear Choice, that make a product that heats up using an activation powder and allows you to control its precise temperature.

Finally, it should look, smell, and froth like human urine. Some types of synthetic urine, especially those that are only used for research, are not dyed to look like real pee.

If your synthetic urine meets these standards, you can use it for a urinalysis and test clean.

Is There Proof That It Works?

This isn’t new science – people have tried and it and it has been proven to work.

Several studies also back the claim that synthetic urine passes as real pee when submitted in drug tests. It’s so legit that even lab technicians find it disturbingly realistic. They tested a few brands and saw no signs that the specimen they’re handling is fake.

Fake Pee Is The Easiest Way To Beat A Drug Test

Here are the reasons using fake pee is the best strategy:

Fast results – Just buy it a couple of days before your urine test, and you should be able to pass. Compare that to using detox drinks or cleansing pills, which take about a week to work. Some synthetic urine brands also have a long shelf life, so you can keep them handy in case you’re asked to take a drug test by surprise.

Accessible – It’s easy to order fake pee online. Just order some from the manufacturer’s website, and you’ll have the product within a day or two.

Easy-to-use – Heating and mixing ingredients is nothing compared to ingesting drinks and masking gums. You don’t have to change what you eat or drink before the test.

Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review: Does Magnum Detox Work?

Magnum synthetic urine is one of the oldest artificial urine products out there. It became popular back in the early 2000s as a “fetish” pee product – so right off the bat, it comes from a pretty dubious source.

Each package comes with the following:

  • A vial of uric acid
  • A temperature strip
  • A heating pad
  • A rubber band (to attach the sample to the heat pad)

One unique thing about Magnum synthetic urine is that the uric acid needs to be added by the user (i.e., you). Without it, the pee won’t resemble anything like actual human urine.

Why Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Is Popular

Value: Each package of Magnum synthetic urine comes with 4 ounces of fake urine samples, which means you get about three to four uses out of it.

Realistic smell and appearance: It’s easy for testers to detect fake pee based on its scent and color. Magnum synthetic urine won’t fail in this category: it looks and smells just like the real thing.

Long shelf life: While most synthetic urine kits only last about a year or so, Magnum Detox artificial urine kits last about two years. That means you can keep it in your locker or car, then just whip it out when you suddenly need it. Keep in mind that it will go bad within seven days the moment you mix in the uric acid.

Inexpensive: Magnum synthetic urine is usually cheaper than other products of this type, though not by a lot.

Why You Should Think Twice About Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine

Unreliable: Magnum synthetic urine has a reputation for producing too much creatinine when it reaches a high temperature. This sends a signal to the lab that your sample is fake.

Old formula: It’s been years since Magnum Detox synthetic urine was released, and we’ve heard nothing from the manufacturer regarding when it was last updated. Synthetic urine formulas need to be updated regularly to pass new standards for validity tests. The latest reliable report that shows that it works was published back in 2011.

For fetish only: Nothing on the label says that it should be used for any kind of testing whatsoever. Even the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for drug tests.

Temperature: Relying on a heating pad or a microwave to get your pee to the right temperature is too risky. If your pee suddenly cools down before your test, you might not have the time or the means to heat it up. Compare that to Clear Choice Sub-Solution, which allows you to control the temperature of your fake pee easily by using a heat activator powder.

Tedious preparation: Manually adding uric acid leaves room for error. If you add the wrong amount, you’re busted.

Magnum synthetic urine ingredients: It’s hard to confirm if the product contains urea, even though it has a separate vial for uric acid. Urea is one of the substances that labs look for when validating pee samples.

Poor success rate: Reviews for this product are mixed. In fact, it’s quite hard to find an optimistic review of this product. It’s also been pulled out from stores due to complaints.

The Bottom Line: Buy The Top Synthetic Urine Out There

Using fake pee is the easiest solution for people looking to pass a drug test. You just have to be careful with which product you use as a substitute.

As we’ve said, Magnum synthetic urine may be enough for people who want to use it for kinky sex or pranks, but it’s not something you should use for drug tests. Instead, you should go for a product with a complex formula plus a strong track record, like Clear Choice Sub-Solution. With the right product in your hands, you can expect to pass with flying colors.