Identify Diagnostics Review: Does It Pass Our Standards?

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Preparing for a drug test can be nerve-wracking. Even if you pick a great detox program, it’s hard to know if you’re clean enough to pass the test. Thankfully, at home drug test kits offer you a reliable method to test your own sample.

In this article, we’re going to talk about Identify Diagnostics and their 12 panel drug test cup. Read my Identify Diagnostics review to find out if it actually works!

How Can I Pass a Urine Drug Test?

Before we talk about how to pass a urine drug test, let’s first discuss how drugs are found in your pee. Basically, whenever you use a drug, these leftover substances called drug metabolites are scattered throughout your body. While these are naturally excreted through our body’s innate detoxification system, the metabolites can be found in your pee for up to 30 days.

Here are three ways on how to pass a urinalysis:

Abstinence and Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve got at least a month before your drug test, you can help your body get rid of the drug metabolites by going on a lifestyle change. This means that you’ll have to strictly sober up and stick to a strict diet and exercise regimen. Your skin is also part of the body’s detox system so exercising so sweating the toxins out will help speed up the process. Additionally, you can consume diuretics like cranberry juice, coffee, and tea to help your body produce more urine.

Detox Products

These products come in two different forms: kits and drinks. Detox kits use powerful active ingredients that help your body speed up its metabolism and natural detoxification process. These are best done at least a week leading up to your drug test. On the other hand, detox drinks are carefully manufactured with natural ingredients to help mask the drug metabolites in time for your drug test. They’re pretty useful as a last-minute fix if you need to prepare for a supervised drug test.

If you want to know more about marijuana detox kits, we’ve ranked leading detox pills for weed in the market in our guide.

Synthetic Urine

For heavy users, going the synthetic urine route could do the trick. Synthetic urine is fake pee that’s meant to mimic the qualities and characteristics of real human pee – so much so that when a lab reviews it under the microscope, it’s got the same chemical composition. When executed properly, there’s no way you’ll fail a urinalysis with fake pee.

To get more information about which synthetic urine kit works best for a drug test, check out this guide here.

Why Should I Use a Home Drug Test Kit?

Whichever method of passing the drug test you choose, it’s best to be safe and know where you pee stands. That’s why it’s important to test yourself at home with a home drug test kit prior to your actual drug test. High-quality home drug tests aren’t nearly as expensive as the laboratory version and they can be really accurate!

If you need to know if there are detectable metabolites in your system before your actual mandatory lab drug test, a home drug test is your best shot!

Are Home Drug Testing Kits as Accurate as Lab Drug Tests?

No. Lab drug tests are still more accurate than home drug testing kits since the one done in the lab goes through two procedures. The first one is done to determine if any drugs are present in the specimen, while the second one is a more intensive procedure that provides the name and levels of the substance found in the sample.

Lab drug tests are also handled by a qualified and trained lab technician. The lab technician checks the sample for authenticity and tampering, so it’s quite difficult to cheat the drug test without the right products.

But even if there’s a discrepancy between home drug test kits and lab drug tests, you can still heavily rely on the results of a good home drug test. Home drug testing kits undergo rigorous testing and strict FDA guidelines. So you can trust the results that home drug test kits provide – we all know that the FDA won’t slap their approval on something they don’t believe in.

Identify Diagnostics 12 Panel Drug Test Cup

identify diagnostics drug testing kittesting kitIdentify Diagnostics is one of the most well known brands for home drug test products. They’ve got a wide range of drug testing kits from dip cards to oral saliva kits. For this article, we’re taking their 12 panel drug test cup for a spin.

The 12 panel drug test kit is FDA approved and CLIA waived. CLIA waived products are meant to fulfill these three requirements:

  1. Must be easy to use.
  2. An untrained person should be able to understand the instructions without difficulty.
  3. The device should not pose a threat to public safety and health.

Based on these, we can infer that the Identify Diagnostics 12 panel drug test cup can be easily used by anyone.

One great thing about Identify Diagnostics 12 panel drug test cup is how incredibly convenient it is. The whole drug test comes in the form of a cup, so you can conveniently pee in the cup and wait for the results. There’s also an added temperature strip as an added precaution since human pee sits at a precise temperature range when it comes out of the body.

Here’s a list of the drugs that can be screened with the Identify Diagnostics 12 panel drug test cup and the FDA recommended cut off levels at which it can be identified:

  • BAR or Barbiturates – 300ng/ml
  • COC or Cocaine – 300 ng/ml
  • THC or Marijuana – 50 ng/ml
  • MET or Methamphetamines – 1000 ng/ml
  • OXY or Oxycodone – 100 ng/ml
  • AMP or Amphetamines – 1000 ng/ml
  • BZO or Benzodiazepines – 300 ng/ml
  • BUP or Buprenorphine – 10 ng/ml
  • MDMA or Ecstasy – 500 ng/ml
  • MTD or Methadone – 300 ng/ml
  • MOP or Opiates – 300 ng/ml
  • PCP or Phencyclidine – 25 ng/ml

The Identify Diagnostics Drug Test Cup boasts a 99% accuracy rate in determining if a person goes above the prescribed cut off levels. However, the manufacturer includes a disclaimer which states that all positive results are presumptive and should be verified through laboratory testing.

How to Use The Identify Diagnostics Drug Test Cup

Here are the CLIA waived instructions on how to use the Identify Diagnostics Drug Test Cup:

  1. Take off the cap.
  2. Carefully collect your urine sample in the drug test cup.
  3. The urine temperature should show after two to four minutes. Normal temperature falls between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Seal the drug test cup tightly with the cap.
  5. Peel off the label to show the results.
  6. Read the results.

What’s the Verdict?

First things first, we liked that it’s a drug test cup with BUP testing. BUP or benzodiazepines have a very close composition and effect to opiates so, folks who have BUP prescriptions are often afraid that they’ll turn out positive on the opiate panel because of it. Having a drug test cup with BUP testing will provide a massive peace of mind for those who have weaned off the benzodiazepines.

However, from our experience and multiple consumer reviews, the Identify Diagnostics 12 panel drug test cup just isn’t as good as advertised.

While it’s awesome how it screens for 12 different types of narcotics, the 99% accuracy rate is too good to be true and it’s bound to be inaccurate on some panels.

Multiple user reviews have also complained that their Identify Diagnostics 12 panel drug test cup provided them with false positive results. That’s incredibly troubling for a home drug test kit and may cause more panic than intended.

Some reviews have also reported that their Identify Diagnostics 12 panel drug test cup orders didn’t come in discreet packaging.

Identify Diagnostics Review: Final Thoughts

Do we recommend the Identify Diagnostics 12 Panel Drug Test Cup? It’s going to be a firm no for us. It’s inaccurate, has packaging issues, and downright uneconomical. On top of that, it could provide you with a false positive result!

Instead, we advise you to invest in individual drug test dip kits from ITG Labs. Rather than testing for multiple drugs at the same time, an ITG Labs dip kit individually tests for a drug of your own choosing. This means that there are fewer chances for the home drug test to have inaccurate results since it only focuses on screening for only one drug.

If you want to learn more about ITG Labs, then head on over to our best home drug test kits reviews to see how it holds up with other home drug testing kits.