How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours (On Short Notice)

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Drug testing methods are getting smarter.

Gone are the days when a laboratory would take a week to prepare for a urine drug test and even longer for them to give you results. Today’s urine drug tests can be set up at your employer’s doorstep and give results within days.

They’re not just fast – they’re also accurate. A modern urinalysis can break your pee down by the milliliter to see traces of drugs that you’ve taken weeks ago – and it’ll take more than a vegetable smoothie and lots of water to fool these tests.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to tell you how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours! If you’ve got a drug test coming up tomorrow, then read on for everything you need to know!

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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours or Less

Before we get into the products that can help you pass, we’re just going to give you a quick rundown of the basics of urine testing.

What is a Urine Drug Test?

Taking a urine drug test is fairly straightforward: you pee into a cup, and they take it in for testing. While most testing facilities will use a field test urine test like a dipstick urine kit, some laboratories will go all the way from immunoassay tests to a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test.

an ongoing urine drug test

A urine test can also include inspection from a human tester where they’ll check your sample for things like consistency, smell, and temperature. If you’re suspected of drug use, they might interview you and other people who know you (either co-workers, friends, or family) for more information.

In short, urine drug tests can span an array of different testing methods. You should never think that it’s over once you hand in your urine sample. They can put you under observation, ask you to take another kind of drug test (more on that later), or even have you take two urine tests one after the other.

When Will I Be Asked to Take a Drug Test?

There are several reasons you’d be asked to take a drug test, including but not limited to:

Employee Evaluation

It’s common for most recent hires to take a drug test before being accepted in any role. The rule of thumb is that the higher the position you’re applying for, the more likely you are to get tested before getting the job.

Health Checkups

For employees already under hire, a urine drug test is often part of yearly evaluations that companies insist on. Some hospitals may require a urine test before submitting you to surgery, while others need it for other things like pregnancy screenings.

Filing Paperwork 

Some government or privately funded claims require drug testing before you can get your forms signed. The most common example of this is auto insurance after accidents.

Keep in mind that your state’s rules and regulations about drug testing can also enhance or override existing laws.

Who are the People that Usually Get Tested?

The brief answer is everyone. There’s not a lot of rules that limit the question of who can and can’t be tested, which leaves a lot of room open for interpretation AND testing.

For the longer answer, there are three common types of individuals that are usually up for a urine drug test:

  • Persons suspected to be under the influence
  • Employees who have recently been in an accident
  • Students and young adults

If any authority figure (the police, your HR department, or school administrator) suspects drug use, that’s enough to get you submitted for urine drug testing. The net is deliberately wide so they can catch any offender that may slip through the cracks.

So as long as you don’t give them any reason to suspect that you’re using drugs, you should be safe from any kind of drug testing. Urine drug tests don’t discriminate between gender or age. If you can pee, they can test you.

What Do they Look for During a Urine Drug Test?

Urine drug tests aren’t only done on suspected felons. They can test you for any kind of drug during a urine drug test, including legal prescription medication. So what do they look for?

  • lab technician doing urine testIllegal drugs like meth, cocaine, and other dangerous substances. This is pretty much self-explanatory, though cases like weed or medical marijuana are a little more complicated – in those cases, you may or may not be subject to disciplinary punishment depending on your employer.
  • Abuse of prescription drugs. Some employers will screen for legal prescriptions on the off-chance that you may be addicted to them, especially if you disclose your use or if they show up on your medical history. Professions that involve working with delicate or heavy machinery will often test for legal medications.
  • Controlled and legal substances such as alcohol. This is more of a niche kind of test (since there are ways of detecting alcohol without a urine test). The most common reason usually concerns driving under the influence.

What EXACTLY your specific urine test will look for can vary depending on your situation. Since urine is a good record of whatever it is you’ve put inside your body for the past few weeks, there’s very little that they won’t see.

Detection Times of Different Drugs

Not all drugs have the same detection window. There are a lot of factors that can affect the exact number, but all drugs generally have a fixed time of how long they stay in your urine.

  • Barbiturates: 5 to 7 days
  • Opiates: 3 to 4 days
  • Ketamine: 3 to 5 days
  • Tramadol: 3 to 5 days
  • Benzodiazepines and MDMA: 5 to 7 days
  • Cannabinoids (THC and variants): 7 to 30 days
  • Synthetic cannabinoids: 5 to 7 days
  • Methamphetamines: 5 to 7 days
  • Cocaine: 5 to 7 days

But these detection times aren’t universal. There are a couple of key factors that can affect how long urine drug tests can detect these compounds, like:

  • Frequency of dosage: the more often you take a drug, the harder it is to remove from your system.
  • Amount: light users have fewer drug traces in their system, making it less likely for them to fail a drug test.
  • Bodyweight and mass: people above 200 pounds have more traces to flush out that people below that weight class.
  • Hydration: if you drink plenty of water, your system is more efficient at getting rid of drug traces.
  • Age: our detox processes slow down as we get older. The younger you are, the better your body is at detoxing drugs.
  • Other drugs: compounds like alcohol and other drugs can lengthen or shorten the detection window depending on the drug you use.
  • Pre-existing conditions: if you’re taking maintenance medication, your body has likely acclimatized to the drug and will always have a detectable level of it in your system.

That’s why knowing how to get drugs out of your system is so reliant on knowing how your body reacts to each specific drug. It’s possible that using chronic pain medication won’t even get you flagged, but your medical marijuana will.

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How Urine Gives You Away on a Drug Test

ongoing urine drug testBut why is urine such a good indicator of drug use? That’s because of two things: the role of urine in removing toxins from our body, and how our bodies process drugs.

You can think of urine as a liquid record of everything you’ve ever put into your body. Aside from sweat or poop, it’s one of the most common ways that our body uses to get rid of things it doesn’t need anymore. Almost anything you put into your body will show up in your pee. That’s just how our bodies work.

How our body reacts to drugs is a little more complicated to explain. After our body digests and processes the active ingredients of a drug, it leaves behind little traces called metabolites. All drugs leave a metabolite byproduct, so you can test for aspirin metabolites as much as THC metabolites in equal measure.

But our bodies don’t hang on to these metabolites forever. They’re waste products, so they get filtered out in places like our sweat, saliva, hair, feces, and pee. Since metabolites like hanging around in a liquid state, our pee is one of the best places a drug test can check for any substances.

Our bodies get rid of metabolites slowly. Specific toxins like THC metabolites can linger for weeks depending on dosage and frequency of use, giving any urine drug test a wide window of time to catch you in the act.

Best Ways to Pass a Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours

If you want to know how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours by flushing out toxins from your body then let’s talk about the best ways to pass your drug tests on short notice. Even if you’ve just taken drugs the days before the tests, taking any of these products can help you pass with flying colors.

There are two products that you can use to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours or less: detox drinks and synthetic urine. They’re exactly what they say on the tin, but we’ll elaborate a little.

  • Detox drinks work by cleansing your body’s traces of metabolites and other drug residues. This makes you pee out a clean urine sample just in time for a drug test. While most detox drinks products need a cleansing period anywhere from two weeks to 3 days, some fast-acting ones can give you a window of a few hours to pass a drug test.
  • Synthetic urine is fake pee that’s crafted to resemble real, drug-free human urine. All you need to do is to mix or shake the ingredients, heat the sample, and swap it out during your test. Because of the lack of prep time required, it’s easily the best way to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours.

But detox drinks and synthetic urine can be a dime a dozen and you won’t have a lot of time to do the research. That’s why we’ve hand-picked the best brands on the market below.

1. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

quick fix - best budget fake urineIf you want a super reliable way to pass, look no further than Clear Choice Sub-Solution. With an extensive track record of success and thousands of satisfied users, it’s the best brand of fake pee that you can find on the market.

If you want a super reliable way to pass, look no further than Quick Fix plus. With an extensive track record of success and thousands of satisfied users, it’s the best brand of fake pee that you can find on the market.

It comes with a simple heating pad instead of heat activator powder, so you might need a longer time to get it to the ideal temperature before handing it in. But it still works fast enough to help you pass a drug test in 24 hours, so there’s no need to worry too much.

If you’re confident that you won’t undergo high-tech testing, keeping a bottle of Quick Fix around is one of the best ways to pass a urine drug test without too much effort.

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2. Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine KitClear Choice Sub-Solution is another brand of fake pee that’s formulated to pass a urine test. If you don’t have the access to get either Quick Quick, Clear Choice Sub-Solution is a great alternative.

While the formula isn’t as sophisticated as Clear Choice Sub-Solution still does a decent job with a formula that can pass most urine drug tests.

Mix the formula per the instructions, use the heat activator powder, and check if your sample is at the ideal temperature (around 95 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit) and hand it in for testing. It’s a quick, easy, and reliable way to pass your urine drug test in 24 hours.

The great thing about Clear Choice Sub Solution is that they’re a company that keeps up with all the latest drug testing trends. Their formula is always updated to beat newer testing methods, and the manufacturer has all the experience in the world to back their impressive passing rate.

3. Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

quick luck premixed synthetic pissUnlike Sub Solution, Quick Luck comes premixed inside the box. Forget about preparing to pass a drug test in 24 hours since Quick Luck can get you a passing grade in MINUTES. 

The heat activator raises your urine sample to the ideal temperature within seconds, and the two included heating pads will keep it that way for up to 10 hours. All you need to do is to heat it up, switch the sample, and you’ll be passing those tests in no time.

Like Sub Solution, Quick Luck is unisex, toxin-free, and completely untraceable. It’s safety-sealed to ensure no contaminants get inside, and you can even order a practice kit with your purchase if you want to put it to the test before the real test.

4. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

clear choice detox drink for drug testFinally, Clear Choice returns to our list with a detox drink that’s unlike any of its kind on the market. While most detox drinks need a week or two to flush out your toxins, Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse skips the entire process and flushes out the toxins lingering in your bladder and urinary tract.

Note that this DOESN’T remove the toxins from your body. What Rescue Cleanse does is give you a “safe window” of five hours where all the pee from your body won’t contain any traces of drugs. Essentially, it’s putting a stop to your body’s process of peeing out metabolites long enough for you to test negative on a drug screening.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the best product for you to use if you’re not confident about sneaking in a synthetic urine sample into the testing site. All it takes to use it is to drink it an hour before you take the test, giving you a guarantee of passing a drug test in 24 hours without worry.

A Quick Summary

So there you have it; those are the best products that you can use to pass a drug test in or under 24 hours. If you want the most reliable product on the market, go for Quick Fix 6.2. If you’ve got a supervised drug test, then you’re best off taking Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. If you want something super easy to use, then go for Quick Luck. 

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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test With Baking Soda

In times of desperation, many of us turn to the internet for answers. And for those of us who desperately need to pass a drug test, the internet has plenty of suggestions. Some are harmless, some are totally dangerous, and some are just plain weird! Here, we’ll look at one of the most frequently suggested methods of passing a drug test – the baking soda method.

We’ll give you the scoop on how it works, why people swear by it, and if it can really be an effective way to overcome a drug test.

Let’s get cookin’.

baking soda in a bowl next to it's packaging box

How Does the Baking Soda Method Work?

First thing’s first – what is the baking soda method?

The baking soda method is a home remedy that drug users – particularly meth users – use to try to pass a drug test. As the name suggests, this method requires using baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) and some water.

This method is immensely popular online because it’s fast, cheap, and uncomplicated. All you have to do is rummage through your kitchen for some leftover baking soda, pack it in a bag with some bottles of water, and show up to your testing site.

The catch is that sodium bicarbonate is only effective at helping you pass a drug test for methamphetamine use. We’ll go into that more and explain how the method supposedly works further down the line. But first, let’s look at how this method is undertaken.

Depending on who you ask, you either have to eat a couple of spoonfuls of baking soda and then chug a massive amount of water afterwards to wash it down or you have to mix the baking soda in a glass of water, wait for it to dissolve and drink the solution.

Here’s a short tutorial on the two most common ways of using baking soda to pass a drug test:

Option A: No Mixing

Remember: This method is said to work best within three hours of your drug test.

You’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda for every 50 pounds of your body weight
  • 12 eight oz. bottles of water


  1. Ingest the spoonfuls of baking soda. Warning: It will taste horrible.
  2. Within 45 minutes of eating the baking soda, chug down six bottles of water. In total, you must drink 48 oz. of water.
  3. Wait until you need to pee, then empty your bladder until you feel like you’ve gotten everything out.
  4. Once you’re done, drink the remaining six bottles in the next 60 minutes and wait till you need to pee once more.
  5. Pee once before your test and hold it in if you have to pee again. Your third pee should be the pee you empty into the collection cup.
  6. Wait for your results!

Option B: Making A Solution

This option might be a bit more palatable than option A, however it does require some preparation. Drug test takers are advised to do this option within five hours of the drug test.

You’ll need:

  • 2 16-oz. bottles of water
  • 2 to 4 teaspoons of baking soda


  1. Pour two teaspoons of baking soda into the bottle of water.
  2. Put the cap back on and shake the bottle vigorously until all the baking soda has dissolved and turned into a thin paste.
  3. Down the solution as fast as you can. You’re supposed to drink everything.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3. Make sure you do all of this in under 30 seconds.
  5. Wait till you have to pee, then empty your bladder.
  6. After about an hour of emptying your bladder, you can now take your drug tests.
  7. Wait for your results!

Why Baking Soda?

There isn’t much hard evidence that shows that using baking soda to pass drug tests is effective. However, you will find tons of folks online who swear by this method. According to some science enthusiasts and theorists online, there are two ways baking soda could help you fly under the radar.

First, there is a theory that using baking soda won’t actually clear your system of drugs, but rather buy you enough time to pass a drug test. How does that work? They say that, because amphetamine and salt (that’s the sodium in sodium bicarbonate) both have negative charges, you can trick your body by bombarding it with the latter. So instead of metabolizing the amphetamine first and releasing drug metabolites into your blood and urine, your body decides to flush out whatever you have an excess of.

In a way, your body will just be storing the amphetamine so that it can take the sodium out. During this short window in which your body is expelling salt, you can now try to pass a drug test!

The second theory dictates that baking soda is capable of absorbing the toxins in your bloodstream just as it’s capable of absorbing foul odors. Once it has absorbed all the drug metabolites in your system, you get an urge to expel everything, which is allegedly why people tend to vomit when they have too much baking soda.

Does Baking Soda Actually Work?

While those two theories sound pretty convincing, the truth is that there is zero evidence that states that baking soda is an effective and fool-proof way to pass a drug test. In fact, using baking soda to pass a test could actually backfire on you.

See, since baking soda is an alkaline substance, when it mixes with an acid, it can significantly change the pH level of your pee. And since lab technicians are trained to look out for adulterants in samples, any sign of an off pH balance can cause your testing facility to become suspicious. As Web MD says, “…labs can easily tell when urine has been adulterated with household items. Usually they just disqualify the applicant without even bothering to test for specific drugs.”

But upon ingesting large amounts of baking soda, pH level changes and failing drug tests might be the least of your problems. Having an excess of sodium bicarbonate in your system can, in fact, be bad for your health!

What About Other Kinds of Drug Tests?

While the products we’ve talked about are great at passing urine drug tests, those tests are not the only methods that labs employ to check for drug use. There’s also:

  • Saliva tests
  • Hair follicle tests
  • Blood tests (though this is rare)
  • Stool sample tests

Neither fake urine or detox drinks can help with these tests. If you want to make sure that you pass your drug test, you’ll have to find the correct product that can help you beat each kind of test. But for a urine test, synthetic urine and detox drinks are the ideal solutions.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind about Drug Testing

So now you have all the info and products that you need, what else should you keep in mind? Here are some tips and info from people who’ve had a lengthy history of bluffing their way past their piss exam.

Sometimes, Laboratories Won’t Stop at a Negative Test Result

Some people pass a urine drug test because of false negatives, faulty equipment, and other factors. So, even if you’ve passed your first drug test, there’s a chance that they can call you in for testing again.

Keep Calm

While machines do most of the testing, they’ve trained your attending nurse or medical staff to keep a close eye on your behavior during the test. If they sense something suspicious, it’ll be much harder for you to pass.

Don’t Give them A Reason to Test You

Remember that “random” drug test you got? Turns out, that might not be so random. Random drug tests (especially those that you only have 24 hours to prepare for) are usually the result of an employer catching on or suspecting you of drug use.

Forgo the Stash During the Testing Season

It’s a good idea to stay away from the drugs before, during, and after your testing period. There have been many cases of people’s tests showing up clean but something else giving them away – for example, the smell of marijuana.

You Can Refuse a Drug Test, But There Will be Consequences

portrait of a worried lady

There’s actually no legal rule in place that can force you to take a drug test if there aren’t reasonable grounds for suspicion. So you can say “no” to a drug test, but you need to keep in mind that the burden of proof will fall on you and not your tester. At best, you’ll be turned down for a job you want. At worst, you’ll be inviting heavier scrutiny into your suspected drug use.

Can I Not Do any of These and Still Pass?

It’s possible for you to not use any of the products above, but we won’t recommend it. Naturally detoxing from drugs right before the drug test is possible, but your body needs a certain amount of time before it can produce clean urine. It’s a very risky play that almost always fails.

You can also test negative if the drug levels in your system are very low. If you only take drugs infrequently or control your intake enough, there’s not going to be a lot for the test to detect. But that’s a slippery slope to hedge your bets on. Even the very best can slip up sometimes, and we don’t have to remind you of the consequences of failing any kind of drug test.

If in doubt, use the products above. If you’re confident, still use the products anyway. It’s a much better tactic than relying on your body’s own functions to pass a urine drug test.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about passing a drug test on short notice.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in an Hour?

The best way to pass a urine test in an hour is to use synthetic urine. Take a look at the products we’ve recommended above for a good pick.

How to Pass a Urine Test in Two Hours?

If you’ve got two hours to prepare, then it’s best to use either using a detox drink or fake pee.

Can You Cheat a Same Day Urine Test for Free?

There are no free methods that can help you pass a drug test on short notice. If you’ve got a drug test coming soon, it’s best to bite the bullet and spend your money on an affordable synthetic urine kit, like Quick Fix for example.

How Long Does THC Stay in Saliva Glands?

It depends. Occasional weed users can test positive for THC in saliva for up to 3 days, while they can catch regular users for up to two weeks.

How Long Does it Take for THC to Leave Fat Cells?

Anywhere between 1 – 6 months. The bond that THC metabolites have with your fat cells is proportional to how much body fat you have. If you have a high body mass index (or BMI) you’ll have a slower time processing and excreting marijuana.

Is There Such Thing as a 24 Hour THC Detox?

Some products offer a 24-hour version of their week-long detox for THC, but it’s important to note that these only apply to light users. If you want to know how to clean your urine in 24 hours, it’s much better for you to just use a detox drink like Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse and make use of the 5-hour safe window.

Does Vinegar Clean Your System in 24 Hours?

There is no scientific study that shows vinegar can help you pass a drug test at all, much less in under 24 hours. Leave your bottle in the kitchen as it’s not one of the effective ways of how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours.

Does Cranberry Juice Help You Pass Urine Tests?

You may have heard of some people say that you need to drink a lot of cranberry juice to pass a drug test. While it’s true that cranberry juice can help with your liver functions, no evidence shows it can work on toxins like THC metabolites.

Can Niacin Help You Pass Urine Tests?

Another “cure” that people peddle to pass a drug test is niacin supplements. Since niacin increases metabolism and burns fat, some believe that it’s a good way to get rid of THC metabolites and other toxins. But this is a myth: not only does it not work, but excess niacin can cause low blood pressure.

How Much Vitamin B12 Should I Take to Pass a Urine Drug Test?

Taking vitamin B12 before a drug test is a bad idea! Heavy amounts of B-vitamin supplements can trigger a false positive for drug tests, so you’re just increasing your chances of failing if you take it.

How to Flush Xanax Out of Your System Fast?

Tests can catch Xanax in your system for up to 7 days, so the best way for you to flush it out of your system would be a comprehensive 3-Day detox program. But if you only have 24 hours to prepare, flushing the drug isn’t an option – just use fake pee instead.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Your System for a Drug Test?

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is probably the fastest and most reliable way to clean out your system in 24 hours and test clean on your drug test – but it doesn’t clean your system per se. If you want to completely eliminate all drug metabolites from your system, then we recommend using Toxin Rid 10-Day detox program. 

What’s the Fastest Ways to Clean out Your System in 24 Hours or Less?

There is no quick way to ‘clean’ your system for a drug test – however you can fool the test with a good detox drink! We recommend a high-quality detox drink like Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, alternatively you could just swap your sample with synthetic urine.

Final Thoughts

Detox drinks and synthetic urine are two of the best ways to pass a urine drug test in less than 24 hours. As long as you choose the right products and follow their instructions well, you’ll never fail another drug test again.