How to Keep Urine Warm for Drug Test (No Hand Warmers)

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Cold synthetic urine is a one-way ticket to a failed drug test. If you want to cheat a drug test with fake pee, then you need to make sure you’re handing it in at the right temperature.

In this article, we’ll give you vital info on what equipment you can use to keep pee warm. If you’re serious about how to pass your drug test, then read on!

How Do You Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test?

Technicians are trained to check for temperature differences in urine submitted for a drug test. If it’s too cold, the sample will result in a failure. You’ll be shocked to find out that one of the biggest reasons why people fail a drug test is because the sample is at the wrong temperature!

So, if you’re taking the synthetic urine route, how do you keep the urine at the right temp? To keep pee warm, you’ll need to have some kind of heating tool that will keep the temperature steady. Here are some of the things that people use to make sure that pee is warm for a drug test.

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Body Heat

One way to warm up synthetic urine if you’re in a pinch is to use your own body temperature. Nestling the sample in a warm corner of your body, like your thighs or armpits, will warm up the fake pee. However, this is a very unreliable method, as you don’t know if it will reach the correct temperature range in time for the test.

It will take at least several hours to warm up pee using your body heat. You should only use this as an additional way to maintain warmth.

Heating Pads

Most synthetic urine kits use heating pads as a urine warmer – heating pads are attached onto the urine bottle to keep pee warm until it’s submitted for testing. In addition to using the heating pad, it’s recommended that you keep the sample strapped to your thigh and use your own body heat to keep the sample at a consistent temperature.

Remember: heating pads will only maintain synthetic pee at the right temperature. You need to reach the correct temp using a different source of heat like a microwave. Because heating pads may malfunction, use this method solely as a backup plan.

Hot Water Bottles

If you need to heat your sample up quickly then consider using a hot water bottle! The upside is that they’re very effective at heating the sample; the downside is that they’re really bulky and can be difficult to sneak into the lab. Hot water bottles also tend to cool very quickly – so you’re going to need to time your submission perfectly!

Hand Warmers

People have resorted to using hand warmers like Hot Hands to keep pee warm, because they’re cheap and readily available. However, hand warmers are inconsistent when it comes to reaching the correct temperature range. In many cases, you’ll need at least two of them to even maintain the right temp for your drug screening.

Your urine temperature might be raised a bit by hand warmers, but it still may not be sufficiently warm for a drug test. This method is not recommended.

Heat Activator Powders

Some synthetic urine kits come with heat activator powders. These powders contain lithium chloride, and won’t affect your screening results. This is a great way to warm up urine quickly before a test. As late as one hour before a drug screening, you can add this powder to your fake urine, and the chemicals will react to heat it up immediately.

Add the powder in small amounts to your fake pee, if you’re going this route. In some cases, as little as a third of the included activator powder is enough to bring it to body temp. Measure your sample with a strip or thermometer to see if it’s already within range, then stop adding any more powder.

How Long Does Urine Stay Warm for a Drug Test?

Synthetic urine, once it’s out of the microwave and transferred into a collection bottle, will start to cool very rapidly. Within as short a time frame as four to five minutes, its temperature will start to drop, just like human urine.

Keeping it in an airtight container will help keep it sterile and insulate it against heat loss, but not by much. That’s why as soon as you take it out, you need a way to keep it warm in the container.

The Right Urine Temperature For Drug Test: What’s The Normal Range?

For a urine sample to pass a supervised drug tests, it needs to have the same temperature as the human body – around the range of 88 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Human urine, once out of the body, will maintain this temperature for approximately four minutes before it starts to cool down. That’s why there’s only a small window of time allowed by technicians to take the urine sample from you.

Can You Microwave Fake Urine For A Drug Test?

Yes, you can microwave fake urine to body temperature – but you have to be very careful or you might overheat it. Start with a short 10 second spin, then use a home thermometer or a temperature measuring strip to check if it’s hot enough.

Don’t be afraid if your temperature strip doesn’t register a reading in one dip. This may mean that the urine is too hot, so you have to wait a few seconds for it to cool down before you try to measure it again. If the temperature reading is too low, you can try heating it again for five seconds or less to make it warm. Be patient, because overheating fake urine might break down some of its components.

Once you’ve microwaved your urine, you need to attach a heating element like a heating pad to it. It won’t hold warmth for very long without this. If you skip using a warmer, you may find yourself with a stone-cold sample at the testing center.

Should I Add Hot Water to Fake Pee to Make it Warm Again?

No, never dilute a sample just to warm it up! Diluted samples are usually immediately rejected by lab technicians. While you might pass if it’s a very basic test and the technician is careless, chances are it will change the concentration of your pee. Your sample will be warmer, but at the cost of potentially being too dilute to let you pass.

Diluting a sample is also a very risky way to track the temperature! You have no way of knowing how much that fake urine will warm up when you add hot water, and you may even make it too hot to be a viable sample.

Can Synthetic Urine Really Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Yes! If you choose a high-quality synthetic urine, and you warm it to the right temperature, you shouldn’t have any issues passing a a urine drug test in 24 hours.

Always check the ingredients advertised on the kit before picking a synthetic urine for your drug test. A good brand will contain both urea and uric acid, which are both waste products that the human body pees out. It should also advertise having the same pH as pee, because a sample that’s too acidic or basic will fail.

Synthetic urine kits will provide you with a way to make sure the sample substitute is warm enough at the very hour of testing. They typically contain either a heating pad or a heat activator powder that are easy to conceal on your body.

If you have to choose, get a kit with a heat activator. Heating pads take a while to warm up, and are quite inconsistent when it comes to maintaining body temperature. Heat activator powders mean you don’t need a microwave to warm up the fake pee. They can be mixed in even one hour before testing, so they’re definitely a superior heating choice if you’re looking at kits.

Choose A Reliable Synthetic Urine That Will Stay Warm For Testing

Don’t risk your job by taking a drug test when your pee isn’t up to par! A well-formulated synthetic urine will just as readily pass for the real thing.

If you’re not sure what to buy, I personally recommend Sub Solution! It has all of the markers that were just mentioned, as well as over a dozen trace elements which are naturally found in human pee. It also comes with a high-quality heat activator powder, so you don’t have to worry about getting the correct temperature using the microwave.

It may seem like a very small detail, but just having a sample a few degrees off the normal body temperature range could cost you your job.

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