Herbal Clean Super QCaps Review: My Experience Using It for a Drug Test

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Finding out you have to take a drug test can be a tense and frightening experience. Thankfully, there are tools out there that can help you pass. In this review, we find out if you can ace your drug test with Herbal Clean Super QCaps.

Can it really flush out the drug substances from your body in just 45 minutes? Read on to find out!

Herbal Clean Super QCaps: The Basics

Herbal Clean Super QCaps is a same-day cleanse detox supplement that claims to flush out body toxins and drug substances through your urine in 45 minutes. It contains a highly concentrated deep cleansing formula designed for weight loss and overall well being. Although it claims to be a total body detox supplement, it’s also used by plenty of people to pass drug tests.

How Do You Take Herbal Clean Super QCaps?

There are two ways to take Herbal Clean Super QCap:


Herbal Clean Super Q PillsA day before your scheduled drug test, Herbal Clean advises you to do a pre-cleanse to make sure that the Super QCaps effects are maximized. Don’t forget to discontinue using drug substances you may be using in the meantime. Herbal Clean encourages you to drink as much water as you can to help keep your digestive system active and to flush out toxins even before the actual day of the drug test. Herbal Clean also suggests that you eat minimally during this time.

Cleanse Day

Taking Herbal Clean Super QCaps Maximum Strength is easy peasy. All you need is to take 4 capsules with 24 oz of water. After 15 minutes, drink about 12-24 oz more water. Just remember that you have to pee at least three times from the time you take it.

It’s not advisable to use this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have kidney or gallbladder issues.

A Capsule Made With All-Natural Ingredients


More than just being known as a flowering plant, dandelion aids the digestive system and acts as a diuretic. Dandelion also supports liver function by being able to increase its production of the flow of bile.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is known to supplement your workout training sessions. As a detoxing ingredient, it plays a critical role to bring your body back into a balance especially for rapid cleansing.

Uva Ursi Leaf

Grown in the Northern parts of Europe, America and Asia, Uva Ursi Leaf’s active ingredient is  arbutin. It fights bacteria and viruses and can soothe digestive inflammation.

Milk Thistle

An active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin. As an extract, silymarin has  antioxidants, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.  When ingested, milk thistle cleanses and restores healthy liver function after it’s exposed to toxins.

Alfalfa Leaf

Known as a superfood, alfalfa is a member of the pea family. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and proteins. It has the ability to reduce cell death and DNA damage that are caused by free radicals.

Apple Pectin

Derived from apples, this ingredient has a number of surprising benefits that are great for your gut health, bowel stability and can relieve diarrhea and constipation. As a soluble fiber, it can aid in weight loss as well.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms have a long standing history with Chinese herbal medicine. They’re known as the king of herbs. Reishi mushrooms contain strong antioxidants to keep your immune system in good condition.

Herbal Clean Super QCaps Review: Is It Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Even though cannabis is legal in my state, I still run into issues if my company finds out I’ve been smoking weed. To keep a squeaky clean record with my company, I’ve done a ton of research on how to safely flush out THC from my body.

For this year’s mandatory drug test, I decided to try Herbal Clean Super QCaps. Along with the $25 I spent on it, I also brought home three home drug test kits for good measure. As a side note; home drug test kits are great! I would actually consider them mandatory if you’re planning on using a detox product. For more information, check out best home drug test kits.

The first try with this product, it could still detect THC even after the promised 45 minutes. I decided to do their advised pre-cleanse two days later just to see if there would be any difference. On the day I did the cleanse, my home drug test still returned positive for THC.

On top of the failed home drug tests, I started having diarrhea about three hours from consumption on my second try. I didn’t expect to have this side effect as this never happened when I tried other detox products.

Get A Reliable Detox Program

Herbal Clean Super QCaps is not the way to go. While it claims to help you pass your drug test, it really didn’t give me results. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better!

If you’re looking for a reliable product to pass your drug screening, opt for Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox Program. It will cleanse your blood, urine and even your saliva of unwanted drugs. It may be pricier, but it’s without a doubt the most effective product on the market.

If you want to learn more about Toxin Rid and how it compares to other THC pills and detox drinks, take a look at our complete overview of the best THC detox kits here.