Easy@Home Drug Test Review: Everything You Need To Know

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No detox program is complete without checking your progress on a home drug test kit! But kits are a dime a dozen, and it’s difficult to tell which ones you can rely on for accurate results.

I’ve tried plenty of kits over the years, and I can tell you that they are DEFINITELY not all the same. In this article, I’m going to be analyzing one of the more popular products on the market: the Easy@Home drug test.

Read on to find out if it can help you pass your drug test.

How Drug Test Kits Work

Think of drug test kits like pseudo-pregnancy tests – just pee in a bottle, dip in the stick, and wait for results. There’s a good number of them floating around that you can use for different substances, so you have some variety in what you can test your urine with.

Home drug test kits are easy to use since they require fewer resources like actual laboratory equipment and can give results in minutes instead of hours. They’re also extremely common: more than half of scheduled urine drug testing in America uses home drug test kits.

The Two Benefits Of Using Drug Test Kits

I usually do home drug testing for two reasons:

  • Checking to see if a detox program is effective
  • Checking to see whether a synthetic urine kit is legitimate

So how do these two things play a role in your test?

Checking Yourself For Drugs

Home drug tests are very useful when you have a big drug test incoming that you want to be sure that you’ll pass. While the results that you can get are not as accurate as medical-grade equipment, these kits are good enough to give you a somewhat accurate idea about drugs in your urine.

It’s not always drug users that can use this. Some people on prescribed medication can be in trouble if their meds light up a drug test. So checking for traces of their meds before their scheduled drug tests can help save their careers.

Testing a Urine Product

Home drug tests are also great for me to check if my stash of urine products still work. Since they operate on the same basis as my actual urine, I always run them through a home test kit or two just to make sure they’re up to par before testing day.

So how does Easy@Home Drug Test handle stuff like this?

The Easy@Home Experience

easy@home best at home drug test kitEasy@Home has a long history of providing different drug testing kits, so it’s not like the brand is inexperienced at this stuff. Their catalog has a lot of healthcare products from all fields, so you know that they have a lot of knowledge about the test kit. Still, with drug tests (particularly the one for THC), it’s a mixed bag.

What It Does Right

There are definitely some things that the Easy@Home Drug test review does right:

  • It can detect most traces of toxins with their 12-panel tests
  • Their 5-10 panel tests work well with one or two kinds of drugs
  • The product is affordable compared to other brands
  • They also have drug-exclusive kits like those that screen only for THC
  • It’s easy to use

All of this is good news if you’re a light user that can reasonably detox the margin of error that all urine test kits have. If the stakes aren’t high then Easy@Home is a solid choice.

But there is ONE thing that’s missing here that puts me off the product, and that’s accuracy.

What It Does Wrong

There’s one important thing that Easy@Home misses, and it’s being accurate about the results of their strip testing.

One flaw that their multi-panel testing kits seem to have is that their sensitivity to drugs drops when they need to test for more drug components. For single-strip tests like marijuana, Easy@Home works well. But for the more important 5-10 panel drug tests, the results can get a bit muddled.

Some users report that it’s possible for you to test clean for drugs on the multi-panel strip tests, yet still test positive when it comes to lab equipment. When I tried it myself, I ran into a few failed tests with the multi-panel kit, even though I was supposed to be clean. Easy@Home doesn’t offer consistent results, which can be dangerous if you have your career riding on an upcoming drug test.

So what product should you use instead?

The Better Solution

For accuracy and clarity in home drug test kits, none do it better than ITG Labs. For starters, they develop their kits with the University of Washington’s Pharmacology Department. Every box of ITG Labs that you get has years of academic research and experience behind it – which is a huge leap in quality compared to other brands.

They boast a 99% accuracy with detection, so you can be sure that their kits will catch anything in your urine if it’s there. Their results are easy to read and their kits come in multiple panels, making them one of the more flexible tests on the market.

If you want to learn more about ITG Labs and their kits, check out my review of the best home drug test kits.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect home drug test kit can give you a lot of confidence going into your urinalysis. If you want an accurate and reliable home drug test look no further than ITG Labs!