Dr. Greens Agent X Review: Is It Reliable?

Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering
Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering

Over 15 years of experience dodging drug tests.

If you need to pass a drug test, your best solution is to switch out a urine sample for a high-quality synthetic urine. So, can Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine solve your screening woes, or is it just a useless dud?

Learn all about this synthetic urine by reading our comprehensive review. Read on to find out what’s in its formula, how to use it properly, and how well it performs during a real drug test!

dr. greens agent x synthetic urine

What Is Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine?

Dr. Greens Agent X is a pre-mixed fake pee which is often marketed for fetish use or as a gag gift. More frequently though, this human urine substitute is bought by people who need to pass a drug test. The product manufacturers claim that each batch is completely sterile, and that Dr. Greens Agent X has the same specific gravity and pH as real human urine.

Having the correct specific gravity is important, because all real human urine will have a certain concentration of minerals, protein, and waste products suspended in water. The correct specific gravity of urine will be somewhere in between 1.002 and 1.03. If it’s lower than that, there is too much water in your urine, and a dilute sample is frequently considered invalid.

Unfortunately, there are only two ingredients named on Dr. Green’s product box: uric acid and urea. There’s no indication that it has any other chemicals which are also found in traces in human pee. They might be in the formula, but the fact they’re not listed is a major red flag. Any lab technician that detects only two substances in a pee sample will flag it for fake urine.

What's Included In The Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine Kit?

Your Dr. Greens Agent X kit should have the following products inside:

  • a 3 oz bottle of pre-mixed synthetic human urine
  • a heating element, aka a heating pad
  • a temperature strip
  • one rubber band

Alternatively, the manufacturers also have a Dr. Green’s kit with a synthetic urine powder, so all you have to do is add water to the powder to make your very own fake pee. For convenience and consistency, I chose to use the premixed version.

How Do I Prepare Dr. Greens Agent X?

If you’re not sure how to prepare Agent X Synthetic Urine properly, follow these easy steps before submitting a sample. Remember to do this as close to the testing time as possible, so you can get it close to body temperature and pass detection.

Step 1

Put the bottle full of pre-mixed Agent X synthetic urine inside the microwave, and gently heat it for ten seconds.

Step 2

Take it out of the microwave and use the temperature strip to see if it’s at body temperature. Ideally, your fake pee should be anywhere between 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s colder than that, carefully heat it in 5-second bursts until it reaches the correct temp.

Step 3

Once you’ve got it at the correct temperature, attach the heating pad to it using the rubber band. Go to the testing site, and carefully pour your warmed fake pee into the collection cup. Submit the sample and await your results!

Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine Review: Can It Help You Pass A Drug Test?

The short answer is: no.

The low price tag of $30 was just too good to resist, so I decided that it was worth trying the product. I bought three home drug tests and three Dr. Green’s Agent X Synthetic Urine kits to see if the product would perform consistently, and if it could really pass a drug screening.

The first thing that threw me off was that the bottle was much larger than I thought it would be, and could actually contain more than the provided liquid inside. Each kit from Dr. Green has 3 ounces of fake urine, but it was inside a bottle that could contain at least half an ounce more. Because it was partially empty, there was a slight swishing sound when I would handle the container. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you’re trying to be sneaky in an isolated testing facility, that swish might tip off a lab technician.

It stayed fairly warm after a short spin in the microwave thanks to the heating pad, but a quick shake didn’t really do much to make it look sufficiently foamy. It didn’t look anything like fresh pee, so if your technician is attentive, it won’t pass muster at all.

Sure enough, testing the products also showed inconsistent formulation. Out of the three Dr. Green kits I tried, only one of them managed to pass a home drug test. While the kit had both urea and uric acid listed, the fact that other ingredients weren’t named may mean that they’re not in Agent X – so it doesn’t surprise me that they failed these home tests. It’s unlikely they’ll fare any better in a much more thorough drug test required by employers.

FAQs About Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine

1. Can I reheat my Dr. Greens Agent X for later use?

No. As a general rule, you should only heat up the product near the time that you’re supposed to take your drug test. Constantly reheating the synthetic urine will break down the chemicals inside it, and make it much less effective at passing a drug screening.

2. Should I freeze Dr. Greens Agent X?

No. Dr. Green fake urine is room-temperature stable, so it doesn’t need to be frozen to be safely stored. Freezing it to use in the future will not prolong its shelf life. If you have frozen your Dr. Greens Agent X, wait for it to stabilize at room temperature before you reheat it. Constant freezing and defrosting will alter the water content of the fake urine and make it more concentrated, which will mess with your lab results.

3. Will Dr. Greens Agent X pass a visual and "sniff" test?

No. Most drug tests don’t really do a visual test or have lab technicians smell your pee sample, so it shouldn’t matter. However, if a drug technician sees that your sample is too clear or isn’t foamy, they might note it as a possible indicator that it’s a fake sample.

4. Does Dr. Greens Agent X have an expiration date?

Yes. Even though it’s a synthetic human urine and not natural, the chemicals in Dr. Greens Agent X will degrade over time. An older product will have a hard time holding up under the scrutiny of even the most basic drug tests. Make sure your product is as recently manufactured as possible, or at least no older than a year.

5. Does Dr. Green's Agent X Synthetic Urine contain creatinine?

We’re not sure. Creatinine is one of the natural waste products found in the body, and most tests will also scan for levels of this protein to make sure that they’re getting urine from an actual human. On average, a urine sample should have 15 mg of creatinine for every kilo you weigh.

Dr. Green’s Agent X doesn’t list this as one of its ingredients. It might be there, but without being officially listed, it’s hard to take that chance.

6. Does Dr. Green's Agent X contain urea?

Yes. The box explicitly states that Agent X synthetic urine has urea and uric acid in it. Urea is produced when your body breaks down amino acids, and can naturally be found in pee. Uric acid, on the other hand, is produced as a by-product of digesting food. They are not the same substance, but they are both considered markers of human urine.

7. I accidentally left my Dr. Green’s Agent X under direct sunlight. Is it still okay to use it?

No. Sunlight can break down the chemicals in fake urine and alter its pH. If your synthetic pee product has been sitting out in the sun for an extended period, it may have degraded the product to the point that it can’t pass a drug test.

Don’t Put Your Job At Risk – Use Clear Choice Sub Solution Instead

Don’t let Dr. Greens Agent X fail you! It may be cheap, but it’s not worth risking your job just to save a few bucks. It’s a mediocre formula that doesn’t contain enough ingredients to make it pass for real pee. If you need to pass a drug screening and don’t have time to detox, Clear Choice Sub Solution is a far superior synthetic urine.

Clear Choice really is the cream of the crop when it comes to synthetic urine! It boasts a 99% success rate and very few bad reviews – so if you need to pass a urine test, look no further.