Does UPS Drug Test: Company Guidelines For Drug Screening

Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering
Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering

Over 15 years of experience dodging drug tests.

Does UPS Drug Test?

No. Based on information from UPS employees, as a general rule, the company does not drug test people. Drug testing is not a part of their pre-employment policy or part of the interview process.

With that said, there are apparently some offices where an applicant or an employee has randomly been asked to undergo a screening. These instances, however, are more of exceptions to the rule, and are not regular company practice.

UPS may have a lenient general policy when it comes to drug testing, but that company policy can change anytime. Don’t be caught unprepared – use a reliable detox program like Toxin Rid 10, or a high-quality synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution.

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Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers Who Work Full-Time?

No. Whether you’re working a part or full-time job for the company as a package handler, the policy will apply to employees equally. The same question about drug usage and history of substance abuse will also be asked, even if you’re a part-time employee. UPS doesn’t have harsher rules for full-time employees.

Does UPS Drug Test Drivers?

As a general rule, no. UPS is less likely to test package handlers, but drivers may be asked to take a drug test if they’ve been acting erratically. This is because of safety requirements with the DMV, which checks individuals for alcohol and drugs. The company can also question you before you’re hired for a driving job, to gather any information pointing to regular substance abuse or past DUIs.

Remember: UPS Can Ask You To Take A Drug Test Anytime

There will be instances where UPS drug tests their employees anyway. In cases where an employee sustains an injury on the job and files a claim with the company, they will ask for that employee to be drug tested.

Additionally, if someone has been acting strange and UPS gets information that they could be under the influence, the company will ask them to undergo a drug test and question about possible usage.

How Does A Urine Drug Test Work?

Urine drug tests are frequently required as a condition for hiring. The objective of these tests is to detect the presence of substances like opiates, cocaine and cannabis in the subject’s urine, as it indicates recent or continued usage. A lab technician will see if your sample meets cut-off levels. If it doesn’t, you’ll be marked as positive for those substances and you’ll fail your test.

Before a drug test, the technician will question you about any over-the-counter medications you’re currently taking, or any medical conditions you may have which could affect your urine. After that, you’ll be asked to sanitize your hands and leave your bag and coat outside the testing area.

You’ll have mere minutes to hand over a urine sample, as the technician will want to check if it’s warm enough. A cold sample indicates a possible switch with fake urine, which can lead to an immediate test failure. If your test turns out positive, UPS may require you to undergo a second test that will be more thorough.

What Happens If You Fail A UPS Drug Test?

As soon as your results come in, the information will be passed on to HR. Failing a drug test for your job application doesn’t have serious legal consequences, but it can be grounds for UPS refusing to hire you. If you’re already employed by the company as a package handler or driver, they won’t send the information to law enforcement, but it can still be used as a reason to fire you from your job.

If you’re a driver, it’s a bit more serious. In some states, UPS will be required to send information about your failed test to the DMV. This will affect any future job prospects related to driving, as it will immediately be seen on your record.

How Do You Fool A Drug Test?

If the company has asked you to take a drug test for your job, you can use Clear Choice Sub Solution to help you pass. It’s a synthetic urine that contains over 12 trace elements which are naturally found in human pee. It also has the same pH as real urine. This is important because pee that’s too acidic or basic may raise the question of whether or not the sample is fake.

A technician will also question a sample that doesn’t have creatinine. Creatinine is a protein which is passed out as waste in human urine. If it’s not there, that information will also point to a fake sample. Luckily, Clear Choice’s formula also contains this, along with urea and uric acid. This gives it a chemical composition as close as possible to human pee.

If you’re undergoing a supervised urine test for the company, getting started on Toxin Rid will help accelerate your body’s natural detox process. Toxin Rid 10-day is a 10-day  program that aims to get your body squeaky clean in time for a urine test.  By taking the Pre-Rid pills to replace what the detox drink flushes out, and the fiber helping you move your bowels more frequently, you should be fully detoxed in just 10 days.

Why Are These Products Superior To Others On The Market?

Clear Choice Sub Solution and Toxin Rid 10 are not the most affordable options on the market, but they’re definitely the most reliable. Unlike other synthetic urines that lack the trace chemicals that are found in human waste, Clear Choice has all these and the same pH as human pee. It also has a heat activator powder that can help you keep it warm, so your results won’t come into question for having the wrong pee temp.

If you want to see how Clear Choice compares to other products on the market, check out our complete buyer’s guide: Best Synthetic Urine.

If your test is supervised, you can still pass if you use Toxin Rid 10. It’s a safe way to cleanse your body in less than two weeks, so it’s a great option if you’re anxious about being able to swap out samples. You can submit your own pee with no worries, knowing that Toxin Rid 10 is all natural.

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Don't Let A Test Mess With Your Job Prospects

If you’re worried about a drug test and question if you can be hired by UPS, there are two simple solutions. Either detox for the urine test using Toxin Rid 10, or swap out your pee with Clear Choice Sub Solution. UPS may not be conducting regular screenings, but who knows when they’ll feel like getting stricter with job applicants.