Does Fake Pee Expire: Proper Storage and Handling of Synthetic Urine

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If you’re preparing for a drug test, you may be thinking of trying synthetic urine for an easy pass. However, if you’ve had your kit for quite some time, it may already be past its expiration date, and using it will lead to a failed test. So, when does synthetic urine expire? Read on to find out how to safely store fake pee, and what you can do to maximize its shelf life.

Does Synthetic Urine Go Bad?

Yes. Even if fake pee has several preservatives mixed into it, your best synthetic urine has a limited shelf life. Fake urine has an average shelf life of two years, depending on the brand. After these two years have passed, the preservatives which prolonged the product’s shelf life will have broken down, and the composition of the fake urine will change. Synthetic urine past this expiration date will not pass a drug test, and should be thrown out immediately.

Fake urine needs to be stored properly or it will have a much shorter best-by date than two years. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from any contaminants, and make sure that it’s properly sealed as oxygen exposure can cause the synthetic urine to break down. Wind, bacteria, dust, and sunlight can all shorten the shelf life of fake urine, so putting your product in a very sterile area is a must.

How Long Is Real Urine Good For?

does fake urine expired? find outActual human urine has an even shorter shelf life than synthetic urine. You can’t make fresh urine last more than an hour without refrigeration, since oxygen and direct sunlight exposure will make it degrade further. If you’re not using it within twenty-four hours, you need to move it from the fridge to the freezer.

You can’t make urine last beyond two weeks in the freezer. It’s still safe to defrost it once and gently warm it for a drug test, but only within that two-week mark. After that, the chemicals in human pee will be affected by the prolonged crystallization, and will no longer pass a drug test even when defrosted.

Even then, this is no guarantee that you will pass drug tests. Some technicians are careful to check the specific gravity and temperature of a sample, and stale pee can still fail on these counts even if it hasn’t been contaminated.

Can Synthetic Urine Go Bad If Exposed to Direct Sunlight?

Yes. Don’t let your fake urine expire by leaving it in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will slightly heat the fake urine and break down the product, so it needs to be discarded if it’s been exposed for a prolonged period of time. Fake urine should ideally be stored in a dark, cool and dry place to avoid being destroyed by temperature changes.

Does Synthetic Urine Go Bad if It Freezes?

Yes. Since fake urine will maintain that two-year shelf life even at room temperature, freezing is unnecessary. However, you can freeze your fake urine if you know it’ll be some time before you use it.

You should only defrost it and reheat it once. Constant freezing and reheating will result in water loss, which will affect the concentration of the fake pee and could result in a failed drug test.

Does Synthetic Urine Go Bad if It’s Heated?

Yes. Once it’s heated, you shouldn’t let it cool and then reheat it again. You run the risk of compromising the urine sample with repeated reheating and oxygen exposure, so make sure you only reheat it when you’re about to use it for drug tests. Even if a synthetic urine claims that its composition can withstand being heated multiple times, the resulting water loss can reduce your sample’s volume.

What are Signs that Synthetic Urine is No Longer Good to Use?

If your fake pee has changed in color, it may already have expired. Synthetic pee should be slightly yellowish, just like real urine. If it’s cloudy, that’s another sign to throw it out, as it may have been contaminated by fungi and bacteria. If the synthetic urine is also goopy or too thick, this may be a sign that the product is too old and has already congealed.

Can Labs Tell The Difference Between Real and Synthetic Urine?

No, but that’s only if you’re using a product with a good formula. Some synthetic urine products have more complicated formulas that may be more expensive, but are a lot closer to the actual composition of real urine. A good synthetic urine will have the same pH levels as real urine, since a sample that’s too basic or acidic is a sign that it’s fake. It will also include creatinine, a protein naturally passed by the human body through urine as a waste product.

There are cheaper formulations that only contain the basic markers of urea and uric acid, which are naturally found in human pee. These budget fake pees might pass very basic drug tests, but they’ll probably fail more thorough ones supervised by skilled technicians.

If you want to make sure your sample will pass as the real thing, look for a kit that has a detailed ingredient list.

Can I Mix Two Batches of Fake Urine to Make a Single Sample?

Yes, but only if they’re both unexpired samples. You can’t improve expired fake pee by mixing it with fake pee! The expired portion will end up contaminating the one within the best-by date, and will still result in a failed test.

Can You Pass a DOT Drug Test With Synthetic Urine?

Yes. These tests are similar to those of other companies which are not required by law, but still have a drug screening policy in place. The DOT requires all individuals or companies under contract with it to enforce drug testing, so DOT-affiliated employers usually have the rights reserved to screen all employees for drug and alcohol use.

If your employer is regulated by the DOT and requires you to take a urine test, you can still pass if you use a reliable fake urine.

Take Proper Care of Your Synthetic Urine to Maximize Its Shelf Life

Using fake pee is a much safer option than using real urine, but synthetic urine still needs to be stored properly. Don’t blow your drug test with an expired kit! Get a reliable fake pee like Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine kit, which has all of the chemicals found in real pee, and store it properly until it’s time for you to take a test.

Clear Choice Sub Solution has a shelf life of two years, and unlike other synthetic urines, and it doesn’t use biocide as a preservative. This is important because labs are starting to test for the chemical biocide, as it’s often found in fake pee.

Because Clear Choice maintains its long shelf life without this substance, it will pass a test where other synthetic urines will be detected. As long as you keep it somewhere cool and dry away from contaminants, it’ll be ready and intact whenever you need to take a test!