Does Sherwin Williams Drug Test: What You Need To Know About Their Drug Policies

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Does Sherwin Williams Drug Test?

Yes, Sherwin-Williams tests all job seekers applying to become delivery drivers. So if you’re looking to get a job with this company, here’s everything that you need to make your application a success!

Who Does Sherwin-Williams Drug Test?

For applicants, Sherwin-Williams will only routinely test delivery drivers. But for employees, no one is exempted. Depending on state and federal laws, the company has full rights to test anyone on the corporate ladder regardless of position or responsibility.

So whether you’re a sales associate, a delivery driver, a product specialist, or even a member of the warehouse staff, Sherwin-Williams can and can drug test you whenever they feel like it.

But according to people who’ve worked at Sherwin-Williams, the basis for drug testing procedures start at the very beginning: right after the initial interview.sherwin williams store

Key Interview Questions You Can Expect From Sherwin-Williams

But before you get to the test, you should prepare for the interview.

A huge factor that can secure you the position you’re applying for is how you answer the questions in your interview. Aside from being forthright with your personal information, there are a few important questions that you should prepare for. Answering these questions well can increase your chances of landing the job.

Who Are Sherwin-Williams’ Competitors?

While this may sound like one of those trick questions, it’s not. According to company employees, Sherwin-Williams monitors what their competitors do to improve their customer service. Good answers to this question are:

  • Benjamin Moore
  • BASF
  • Axalta Coating Systems

How Would You Deal With An Upset Customer?

One of the key questions they ask job seekers applying to become a sales associate, this question gauges how well you’d act in customer service. It’s also to test your knowledge about company hierarchy and how well-exercised your problem-solving skills are.

What Can You Tell Us About the Sherwin-Williams Company?

You can’t apply to a company knowing nothing about it. Going the extra mile and researching the history of Sherwin-Williams and the services they provide can go a long way towards impressing your interviewer. They may just sell paint, but they’re very proud of their company heritage!

Why Do You Want to Work at Sherwin-Williams?

There’s no need for you to flatter the company with this question, but it can work wonders if you bring up some nonprofit work that Sherwin-Williams has done. Aside from starting a foundation that helps children’s health and education, the company also has a strong environmental drive that few other brands can match.

Why Should Sherwin-Williams Hire You?

Now THIS is one of those trick questions. According to former employees, they include this in the questions and answers portion to see how well you understand the post that you’ve applied for. Be specific as you can in describing how good a fit you are for the job and not the company, and that’s a few more points in your favor.

What Hours are You Available?

Most job postings at Sherwin-Williams follow the usual 9-to-5 schedule, but there are occasions like weekends or holidays where stores receive more customers. Mentioning that you’re fine with a flexible work arrangement can go a long way.

Sherwin-Williams prefers screening applicants online or through a phone interview by the district manager. But if you’re an employee referral, some branches will have you fill out your interview application in the store itself. Either way, expect to show up at the store you applied for the final tests.

What are the Tests You’ll Get at Sherwin-Williams?

After that, you’ll be subjected to a test. Don’t expect to get out this step – it’s a non-negotiable for job applicants.

You WILL get tested for something, even if you aren’t using drugs. Since most of the company operations require a lot of physical tasks, the tests you’ll get will be tailored to these activities. In most cases, that means getting a physical evaluation.

Physical Evaluation

There’s actually one form of testing that you’re guaranteed to get whenever you apply at the company, and that’s the physical exam. And while you might think that this does not differ from your usual physical checkup, you’d be wrong.

Former employees say that this physical works a bit like a body-building competition, which makes sense. A good part of your day can involve handling the huge cans of paint in the storefront and the warehouses, so the company wouldn’t want any prospective applicant to drop any of their products.

In fact, some positions at Sherwin-Williams specify that you must have the build possible to lift paint cans and carry them for the customers. Most applicants say that “how much can you lift?” is one of the common interview questions you’ll get.

Everyone is supposed to lift products, from a sales associate to the store manager. For the physical exam, they’ll usually ask you to carry and stock 1 to 5-gallons of paint, sometimes with another sales associate as a baseline.

But unless you’re applying for a driver’s position, this is the only test that you’d expect to run into.

Drug Testing

If you’re joining the company as a driver, you’re guaranteed to run into a drug test. Sherwin-Williams is a bit tougher on their drivers than other positions, since there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a driver under the influence.

They’re also thorough with the drug tests. According to former and current Sherwin-Williams drivers, the company asked them to go through about two separate instances of drug testing before they were hired. The first is a 5 panel urine kit (though some other sites use bigger panels) and the second part is a full laboratory-grade urinalysis.

Aside from that, they also check your personal information to see if you’ve been convicted of any instance of using drugs or alcohol. Sherwin-Williams is proud to be an equal opportunity employer: but once alcohol or drugs get involved, then you’ll have a problem.

What are the Substances That Sherwin-Williams Screen For?

There are two things that the company looks for in their drivers’ drug tests: alcohol and other drugs. Special rules may apply to the latter case if you’re taking these drugs for medical reasons, since you can show a doctor’s certificate. If you’re living in a state where cannabis is legal, then the discretion of hiring you will fall under each store’s manager.

Would Taking Prescription Medication Disqualify Me for a Job at Sherwin-Williams?

No. Sherwin-Williams can’t fire employees or refuse applicants that take prescription drugs like Flexeril, but it’s a good idea that you be upfront with your use. If there isn’t a section about taking prescription drugs in the interview application, you should absolutely bring it up with your interview.

How to Pass the Sherwin-Williams Drug Test

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Can I Refuse To Take The Sherwin-Williams Drug Test?

You have a right to refuse a drug test, but since that goes against company policy, they won’t hire you at all. The company isn’t as tough on testing as other companies are, but they’re very strict about the one time you get tested. If you get caught, you’re out – no questions asked.

Can I Get Tested Even If I’m Already Working At Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin-Williams can also test you if you fall under reasonable suspicion of substance abuse. There are three circumstances where the company will exercise its right to test you:

  • If you or someone has given away the fact that you’re using undeclared or illegal drugs
  • After accidents or incidents in the workplace or out of it
  • When you’re coming back to employment after taking a leave of absence

While most employees say that Sherwin-Williams doesn’t do random drug testing, they’re more likely to be strict if you’re hired as a company driver. Since drug-related mishaps in that situation can lead to the company being sued, they’re more likely to test those employees at regular intervals.