Does Petsmart Drug Test: Petsmart’s Drug Test Policy

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Does Petsmart Drug Test?

Yes, unfortunately Petsmart do conduct drug tests.

As stated on their website, Petsmart may ask you to get screened for illegal drugs during the first interview.

However, this drug test isn’t a hundred percent mandatory and its administration is fully dependent on the interviewer’s discretion. Although, this doesn’t mean that you should drop your guard and go into that interview empty-handed.

Thankfully, there are a couple of products that could help you cheat your way out of the dreaded drug test. Let’s discuss what you need to know about drug testing at Petsmart!

Does Petco Drug test?

Petco, Petsmart’s leading competitor, does not enforce a drug test during the application process. However, they reserve the right to screen any of their employees. They also impose a strict drug-free environment – so if you’re caught to be under the influence of drugs on the job, there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll get fired.

The Current Petsmart Drug Test Policy

employees before, during, and after the hiring process. But contrary to this, a quick look at Petsmart’s website shows that they have a pretty comprehensive drug policy that states the possibility of a drug test as an employment requirement. So, it’s safer to assume that you’ll be drug tested on-site, rather than relying on the possibility that you will be spared from it.

Other than being possibly enforced during your first interview, there are also a number of situations wherein Petsmart can ask you to get screened for illegal drugs, these are:

  • If you’re suspected to be under the influence of drugs while on the job.
  • To see if drugs played a part in a workplace accident.
  • After voluntarily going on a temporary leave due to self-declared drug misuse.
  • If your line of work under Petsmart is considered “high risk” or “safety-sensitive”, you’re going to be subjected to scheduled and mandatory drug testing.

So it’s pretty clear that Petsmart’s drug policy freely allows the store manager to enforce a urine test on their employees whenever they see fit. Petsmart also does a background check on all their employees, but this is mostly to see if they have a felony conviction in the past.

If you get hired despite a drug-related felony thanks to the background check, expect to be tested for drugs more frequently than other employees.

How Are Drug Tests Done At Petsmart?

Just like most companies across the country, Petsmart utilizes the urine drug test to screen their employees for illegal drugs. This is because urine drug tests are fast, cost-effective, and efficient. Urine drug tests usually screen for five drugs, namely:

  • THC
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Amphetamines

Urine drug tests analyze your pee for drug metabolites. Metabolites are the leftover remnants that float in your bloodstream after the drug has been metabolized. The amount of drug metabolites seen in your pee can accurately tell the lab technician if you’ve used the drug within the past 30 days.

However, there are a couple of factors that affect how long these drug metabolites can stay detected in human urine. These factors are:

  • The date you have last ingested the drug.
  • The pH level of the urine.
  • How diluted your urine is depending on your water intake.
  • Body mass.

It’s also very important to acknowledge that certain medications and foods can yield a false positive on urine drug tests. A false positive happens when you haven’t actually taken the drug but rather, consumed a food product that contains harmless traces of the drug or ingested necessary medication that’s in the same family as an illegal drug. Before undertaking your urine drug test, make sure you’ve honestly disclosed to your lab technician if you’re taking any prescription medications or herbal supplements.

As for the actual testing procedure: before you urinate in a cup and the lab technician runs off with your urine sample, you’ll be asked to leave your bag and coat outside the testing area. You will also be instructed to wash your hands and wipe your genital area with antibacterial wipes. If you turn out positive for any illicit drugs, this may be clarified with further testing.

What Can I Do to Pass My Drug Test?

If you suspect that you’ve still got traces of drugs in your system, there’s no need to worry as you can take certain products that will help you pass your drug test. Clear Choice Sub Solution (learn more) and Toxin Rid 10 are two of the most trusted products on the market.

Clear Choice Sub Solution is synthetic urine kit designed to look and smell like the real thing. Additionally, it’s manufactured with basic urine wastes, like creatinine and urea, along with 13 chemical markers that are found in real, human urine. The only thing you need to worry about when using Clear Choice is getting the temperature right – but the Clear Choice kit contains a heat activator that’ll help you fool the company drug test into thinking you’re clean.

If you think that the company drug test might be supervised, Toxin Rid 10 is a detox pill for weed that’s manufactured to help your body naturally flush out the drug metabolites in your body. Toxin Rid 10 takes 10 days to completely cleanse your body free from drug metabolites, and uses all-natural ingredients to help make this feat possible.

What Sets These Products Apart?

Clear Choice Sub Solution might not be light on the wallet, but there’s a ton of reviews that document how effective it is at getting past a urine drug test. It’s got the most realistic formula out of all the synthetic urine products available on the market and it has a great heat activator to get your synthetic urine to the right temperature.

In the event that synthetic urine isn’t an option, there’s no better way to pass a drug test with Toxin Rid 10. One of the reasons why this stands out in the world of detox drinks and kits is its list of star ingredients. This makes it a favorite among both light and heavy smokers who need to quickly dissolve the drug metabolites in their system. Some folks have even reported that it works in as fast as three days! But if you don’t have the resources to test yourself at home, it’s best to do the full 10-day course of Toxin Rid 10.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Caught

Despite the fact that drug testing isn’t mandatory during the Petsmart hiring process, there’s still a chance that the management may pull a surprise drug test. It’s best to stay ahead of the test with the right product.