Does Nicotine Show Up On A Drug Test: An Inside Look At What Drug Tests Show You

Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering
Jordan Barnett | Masters in Chemical Engineering

Over 15 years of experience dodging drug tests.

Does Nicotine Show Up On A Drug Test?

Yes, nicotine can show up on a drug test for up to three weeks after last use. This includes both the use of cigarettes, vape pens, chewing tobacco, and other such nicotine products.

You’re probably already familiar with urine & blood tests but there are actually a couple other ways you can be tested for nicotine. Saliva tests are effective, efficient, and lightning quick; and hair follicle tests can check for use within the past 90 days.

Luckily, there are plenty of nicotine detox products out there that can help you beat any kind of test.

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What Is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a chemical compound that is most notably present in tobacco products but can also be synthetically produced for use in other ways. 

In the case of smoking or vaping nicotine products, the compound is absorbed through the lungs and circulates in the bloodstream eventually heading to the brain. Being considered a sedative and a stimulant, nicotine users experience a more relaxed state as well as a slight “high” as the chemical stimulates the adrenal glands causing a release of adrenaline. Although tobacco products have been the most prominent source of nicotine for most people, alternatives have been developed to make it easier and safer to enjoy. 

Why Test For Nicotine?

A nicotine test could be administered for a host of different reasons such as:

  • Medical Insurance 
  • Family safety
  • Employee hiring

Nicotine testing is intended for the safety and well-being of the nicotine user and their surroundings, especially in a situation where the health of a child is considered. However, the stigma against nicotine comes from the false assumption that it is the dangerous component in smoking that causes major health problems for the user and those surrounding them. 

It is important to remember that, in itself, nicotine is not a majorly harmful substance but can still cause some problems for your body. Too much nicotine can raise your heart rate and cause nausea and despite its relative safety, nicotine should still always be used responsibly.

Avoiding Nicotine Detection

As mentioned, there are a handful of ways that companies can detect nicotine & cotinine in your body. Urine and blood are by far the most common tests, but nail, hair, and saliva tests are still very much on the table. Nicotine and cotinine are the two main substances that these methods search for and when faced with the question of how long nicotine can stay in the body there are a few important things you need to consider:

  • The frequency of use affects how long nicotine can stay in your body.
  • The overall length of use (e.g. 3 years of nicotine use).
  • Your personal metabolism.

The easiest way to avoid nicotine detection is to refrain from using nicotine products at least a month before a scheduled test to ensure that the nicotine leaves your body completely.

If that’s not possible, there are still plenty of ways to avoid detection safely and effectively and we will be discussing these per given methods of detection.

Urine Test

The most common form of testing is through a urinalysis. When testing for nicotine use, the test actually searches for a substance called cotinine which is only present when the subject has metabolized nicotine in the first place. Urine tests target cotinine in particular simply because it can stay in your body for much longer compared to nicotine. Casual-use nicotine stays in your pee for about three to four days after last use.

The best way to avoid being caught by urinalysis is by using the best fake urine on the market: Clear Choice Sub Solution. This product works by emulating all the important chemical components of real urine such as uric acid and urea. It is also perfectly formulated to have the correct PH balance to avoid suspicion from your testers.

Simply pour the vial of synthetic urine into the given bottle or any other suitable container and mix with water until the powder is completely dissolved. The package also comes with a handy heat activator that can be added to the mixture to hit the optimal temperature for testing. This is crucial because many tests are invalidated due to the wrong temperature.

If you still have questions about Clear Choice and how synthetic urine products can help you pass your next urine test, check out our Best Synthetic Urine buyer’s guide!

Blood Test

Like the urinalysis, the blood test searches for the presence of cotinine in your body. Cotinine can stay in your system for up to 10 days from last use. This can stay longer in your system depending on how long you have been using tobacco or other nicotine products so that is something you should always keep in mind. 

When it comes to surviving a nicotine blood test a key factor is buying the right kind of detox kit. I recommend the Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox kit. This extensive program is meant to completely purge your body of any traces of nicotine or cotinine in 10 days to ensure you pass your crucial blood test. The kit comes with a three-part program: the pre-rid tablets, the dietary fiber, and the liquid detox. 

The first step is properly utilizing the pre-rid pills. At least 10 days before your required blood test, begin taking three tablets every hour for five hours. Throughout the 10-day detoxification process, you will be taking 15 tablets in the span for five hours. Make sure to stay consistent with the pill as this will increase your chances of getting caught.

The second step begins two hours after you take your last set of pre-rid pills. Mix half of the given Detox Liquid with 16 fluid ounces of juice or water and refrain from drinking anything for two more hours. After the two hour period, drink the rest of the Detox Liquid with another 16 fluid ounces of juice or water and then wait another two hours. After this, you may drink and eat as normal.

The third step is optional but greatly increases your chances of avoiding nicotine and cotinine detection. If you have about four days of leeway before your test then you should definitely utilize this step. Simply mix the dietary fiber with eight fluid ounces of water and drink! Wait 15 minutes before drinking another 16 ounces of water and then urinate as much as possible within the next hour.

Blood tests are extremely effective ways of detecting illicit drugs and cotinine in your body so it should be no surprise that the detox process is extensive. If you’re looking for a clean and effective way to avoid nicotine and cotinine detection, then Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox is the perfect program for you.

Still got a bunch of questions? Check out our Best Detox Pills For Drug Test page for everything you need to know about Toxin Rid and other detox pills!

Saliva Swab

The saliva swab is another way to detect nicotine in your body. Cotinine in saliva can stay in your system for about four days after last use making it fairly easy to avoid nicotine & cotinine detection if you have proper discipline and prior knowledge of your testing. If for whatever reason you find yourself within that four-day window of detection, it’s good to have a bottle of Toxin Rid Rescue Wash mouthwash on hand to cleanse your body of any traces of nicotine.

This product is as easy and simple as it can be. Simply gargle a third of the one fluid ounce of mouthwash for three minutes, three times until the bottle is empty. Following these instructions will ensure your mouth is clear from any cotinine or other possible toxins left in your saliva. This can be done mere minutes before your scheduled test making it a very convenient buy.

Check out our How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test guide for everything you need to know about this particular test!

Hair Test

The least common way one can be tested for nicotine use is via the hair test. As the name suggests, a hair sample is taken from the subject for lab analysis to determine whether or not the subject is using tobacco or other nicotine products. Traces of nicotine can be found in your hair for up to a whole year after last use making it a terrifying test to face. 

Despite this, hair testing remains to be the least common method of detecting drugs in your body for one main reason; that is that hair testing is generally more expensive when compared to other methods such as saliva and urine tests.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a hair test, fear not. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is a surefire way of getting through your test with ease. Simply shampoo as normal anywhere from ten to three days before your test to rid your hair of any nasty nicotine markers. Let the shampoo sit for about 10 to 15 minutes every use to maximize its effectiveness.

For more information on hair testing, check out: Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo.


For whatever reason, there still seems to be a considerable stigma against nicotine regardless of responsible users. It’s important to know and understand the obstacles that can stand in your way of enjoying the responsible use of nicotine as a recreational drug. 

Hopefully, with the information we’ve presented, you’ll feel a little safer getting your nicotine fix.