Does Food Lion Drug Test: Know the Company’s Drug Testing Practices

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Does Food Lion Drug Test?

Usually not! Food Lion doesn’t require pre-employment drug testing for job seekers they are interested in hiring. The majority of former employees on Indeed confirm that the company has never mandated them to get tested for drugs.

However, this doesn’t ensure that Food Lion will never ask you to submit to drug testing. At least one former employee notes that failing a drug test conducted by the company will result in termination on the spot. Below you’ll find ways to pass the drug test and even reduce the chances of getting tested at all.

Under What Circumstances Does Food Lion Drug Test?

As mentioned, most people who have worked for Food Lion never experienced getting screened. Please note, however, that there are still specific circumstances where it is deemed necessary.food lion store

When Filing for Workers’ Compensation

At least one former employee reports that they were asked to submit to drug testing after an injury. It is part of the process when filing for a workers’ comp. This information is important in ruling out the possibility of drugs as one of the factors that caused the injury.

When There’s Reason to Suspect Drug Use

Any employee who is visibly under the influence will need to prove their sobriety. Likewise, anyone who is suspected of possession of drugs will be required to undergo testing.

How to Pass Drug Tests

Just in case, you should always be prepared to take a urine test. There are two ways easy ways to pass:

Synthetic Urine

The best formula is Clear Choice Sub Solution, which currently has the reputation as the best synthetic urine available. It contains all the chemical markers in human urine, including uric acid and urea, that testers look for to confirm that the sample is valid.


Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox is a natural way to remove the drug metabolites from your system, and the best option if you have enough time to abstain for several days. The three-part program consists of pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and liquid detox components to remove telltale toxins and help you pass.

Learn more about it in our buyer’s guide best detox pills for drug test.


Food Lion only tests employees in the specific circumstances listed above. Job seekers can breathe easy and focus on worrying about answering the interview questions rather than getting tested.