Does Bank of America Drug Test: What They’re Not Telling You!

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Does Bank of America Drug Test?

Yes, Bank of America drug tests its applicants and regular employees. The company reserves the right to conduct pre-employment screening and emergency testing to ensure a drug-free workplace in accordance with its company policy.

Aside from drug screening, the company collects an applicant’s fingerprints and performs a background check and credit checks as necessary.

In this article, we’ll shed light on Bank of America’s strict drug policy and give you tips & tricks on how to pass the screening effortlessly!

What is the Drug Testing Policy at Bank Of America?

As stated in the bank company policy, Bank of America aims to provide all its employees and customers with a safe place to conduct business in. Thus, they follow a drug-free workplace policy that prohibits all employees to use drugs other than what they’re prescribed for. If you violate this rule, you are automatically subjected to disciplinary action by the company.

Bank of America uses a standard urine drug test through a third-party clinic, chosen and accredited by the company. If you are a new applicant, you could be subjected to drug testing, depending on the discretion of your hiring manager.

Whatever your situation is, it is best to be prepared for any screening. Thankfully, a standard drug test is quite easy to pass as long as you use the right products!

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What Happens During a Urine Drug Test?

Urine drug testing basically screens your urine sample for the presence of any drug metabolites. That includes marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP. Amphetamines include Adderall, ecstasy, speed, and methamphetamines. Opiates include heroin, morphine, and codeine.

This type of drug testing requires you to fill a specimen cup with a sample of your urine, and submit it to the doctor or lab technician for processing. It’s a fairly straightforward approach to drug testing, and it provides results pretty quickly, that’s why this method is the standard test for most companies including Bank of America.

Thankfully, it’s also quite easy to beat! There are two ways to go about beating a urine drug test – system detox or submitting a fake sample. Let’s run through both methods and take a look at some recommended products to help you pass.

System Detox

System detoxification is the process of getting rid of toxins in your body. This natural process occurs in our bodies for 30 days, and because urine drug tests usually only give you 2 weeks to prepare, you simply have no time to let this occur naturally – so you need the help of a product.

I recommend using Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox because it’s one of the few products that have never failed me in all my years of experience with drug testing. With all-natural tablets, vitamins, and supplements, this product has no side effects and speeds up the detox process without a hitch.

If you want to know more about this product, check out our guide to the best detox pills for drug test!

Fake Urine

If you only have hours or even minutes before your drug test, the best thing to do is to submit a fake urine sample. Clear Choice Sub-Solution is always my first choice for a fake urine sample. It contains 14 urine chemical markers and has a really effective heat activator powder that warms your fake sample warm in seconds!

Check out our best synthetic urine guide if you want to learn more about this product.


When applying for this Bank of America, you have to be ready for any screening that you’ll be subjected to. Thankfully, with the products I recommended above, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll pass the drug test or not!