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"Patients and their families have always been our best teachers; they help us to become more compassionate providers of health care. The IPPC
videos bring their voices and experiences up close and personal."
Javier Kane, MD. Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Texas Health Science Center; Director, Supportive and Palliative Care Program, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children's Hospital.


The IPPC video series offers rich, evocative portrayals of children, families, and professional caregivers in a range of palliative care contexts, and is a central part of the IPPC curriculum. These award-winning videos were created for use in the structured learning activities described in the facilitator's guides, but also are being used independently by educators in a range of settings.


"IPPC tells the stories of families and patients, using case examples
that represent our nation's rich cultural diversity."
Vicky Bowden, RN, DNSc, Past President, Society of Pediatric Nurses.

The IPPC videos are described below. Information about prices, running times, and the curriculum seminars for which the videos were produced is included on the DVD order form. To purchase DVDs, simply print, complete, and send the form with a check or money order to the address provided.

What Matters to Families

As part of the Engaging with Children and Families curriculum module, this video series presents the stories of three families describing their experiences with health care professionals and the health care system as they negotiate the difficult road through their child's life-threatening illness.

IPPC Videos: Part One

Part One: Speaking the Same Language
Dean and Inez Davis, guardians of nine grandchildren, recount their experience with their granddaughter, Sherquanda, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor from which she died at age 9. They discuss the centrality of trust, respect, and caring in relationships between health care professionals and families facing the death of a child.

Part Two: Knowing Who We Are
Rebecca Lilly died at age 16 after a six-year battle with brain cancer. Rebecca's parents and siblings relate their relationships with the health care system and express needs and concerns often identified by families coping with the life-threatening illness of a child.

IPPC Videos: Part Two
IPPC Videos: Part Three

Part Three: Big Choices, Little Choices
Mattie Stepanek, age 11, suffers from a rare and life-threatening form of muscular dystrophy. He and his mother explain the importance of understanding and integrating the thoughts and feelings of ill children and their parents into the ongoing care of the child.

Issues in Pain Management

There's Gotta Be Another Way: Addressing Parents' Fears About Opioid Analgesia
A dramatization of a conversation between health care professionals and parents of an 8-year-old patient. Parents raise and professionals respond to common fears and concerns regarding opioid pain medications.

IPPC Videos: Issues in Pain Management

Caregiver Suffering

IPPC Videos: Caregiver Suffering

I Need It to Make Sense: Reflections on Caring for Dying Children and Their Families

In this video, health care professionals from a variety of disciplines discuss the emotional and spiritual impact of working in pediatric palliative care.

Communication at the End of Life

Difficult Conversations in Pediatric Palliative Care presents a series of scenarios involving end-of-life conversations between practitioners and children/families. This three-part video introduces an innovative educational approach for developing clinicians' communication and relational skills.

IPPC Videos: Communication at the End of Life

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