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IPPC curriculum materials are available—free of charge—through this website. (Please read IPPC Curriculum Terms of Use). The downloadable facilitator's guides provide all the information you need to facilitate each of the learning activities, including preparation and facilitation instructions, discussion questions, talking points, case studies, participant handouts, and references. For those learning activities that call for slide presentations, you will find downloadable PowerPoint presentations as well. IPPC DVDs, designed for use in learning activities throughout the curriculum, are available for purchase. Please print, complete, and send the order form with a check or money order to the address provided.

The IPPC curriculum is composed of five modules. For a narrative description of all five modules, see Overview of the Curriculum. The modules are designed to facilitate individual clinician learning and strengthen an institution's programs and services. These goals are accomplished by focusing on knowledge, attitudes, skills, and institutional practice. The IPPC curriculum is greatly enriched when the learning activities are facilitated in interdisciplinary groups. However, the activities are also appropriate for use in educational settings with a single discipline.

Each module contains between three and seven learning activities, which can stand alone or be offered as a series. Most of these activities are small group seminars designed to stimulate discussion of key topics and issues raised through videotapes, case studies, and problem scenarios. A lecture format is used in a few instances where a topic calls for the communication of a large amount of information. The estimated length of each learning activity is provided at the beginning of the facilitator's guide for that activity. Most activities can be completed in 45 minutes; a few require 60 to 75 minutes.

The five IPPC curriculum modules are listed below. For a description of the learning activities in each module or to download the curriculum materials, click on the module title below.

The Facilitator's Guides are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you wish to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to the Adobe website.

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